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install ROOT

First of all, the ROOT libraries are used in this software and the installation of ROOT in your machine is supposed.

Go to the web site for ROOT and get the ROOT software.

Install ROOT and setup the environment for ROOT.

(i.e.) source $ROOTSYS/bin/thisroot.sh

install ANAROOT

Get the source code (fileanaroot_v4.6.0.tgz).

> tar zxvf anaroot_v4.6.0.tgz

> cd anaroot

> mkdir build install

> cd build

> cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$PWD/../install ..

> make

> make install

install ANAROOT (till v4.5)

install 3rd party software

- libxml2-devel
- automake autoconf libtool libedit

If you need to use MINOS part, you need to install minos-fem library fileminos-1.1.1-minimal.tar.gz in addition. You can compile it just with "make all" at top directory. After the installation, do

- export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=[Where you install minos-fem]/install/lib/pkgconfig

before starting ./autogen.sh for anaroot.

install ANAROOT (till v4.5)

Get the source code (fileanaroot_v4.5.40.tgz).

> tar zxvf anaroot_v4.5.40.tgz

> cd anaroot

> ./autogen.sh --prefix=$PWD [--enable-minos=yes (default is no)]

> make install

Then, you can get the libraries in install directory and set the environment variable for using these libraries as: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$PWD/lib

After you suceed to install ANAROOT, a setup script is expected to be generated at top anaroot directory: anaroot/setup.sh When you login the new session, the environment will be ready just with sourcing the setup script.

There is some useful ROOT login macros: rootlogon.C and .rootrc at root directory.

(if you copied anaroot files from other PC, and if you get some errors when you start root, please try 'make distclean' before './autogen.sh --prefix=$PWD'.)

Tips for MAC-OS X

The libtoolize is usually not installed in MAC OS X and you need to use glibtoolize instead of libtoolize. Please modify the autogen.sh to use glibtoolize.

Shared library is named to be *.dylib in MAC OS X you can load using gSystem->Load("....") when you change the .dylib extension to .so extension.

fileANAROOTonMAC.html installation procedure of ANAROOT on Mac by Genie Jhang.

previous ANAROOT and update log

fileanaroot_v4.6.0.tgz updated for c++11, installation with cmake. Developed with ROOT 6.28.04. Rockey Linux 8.8. Jul 18th 2023

fileanaroot_v4.5.40.tgz integration of MDPP16 decoder. Developed with ROOT 6.20.04. Mar 14th 2022

fileanaroot_v4.5.39.tgz small debug for libanaroot.so. Developed with ROOT 5.34.38. Dec 8th 2020

fileanaroot_v4.5.38.tgz Add CMakeLists.txt for cmake (still beta), add A3400 decorder. Developed with ROOT 5.34.25. Jun 19th 2020

fileanaroot_v4.5.37.tgz Bunch of bugs fixed for centos7. Developed with ROOT 6.14.04. Apr 14th 2020

fileanaroot_v4.5.36.tgz Bunch of bugs fixed for centos7. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. Jan 16th 2019

fileanaroot_v4.5.35.tgz For BigRIPS multi-hit tdc. bunch of bugs are found by Sumikama-san. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. Feb 1st 2018

fileanaroot_v4.5.34.tgz Classes in Reconstruction/DALI are updated. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. May 1st 2017

fileanaroot_v4.5.33.tgz Update after 2017 Spring S009 experiment. New function for BigRIPS plastic/ppac are implemented. Update based on the update of sva03 modules are implemented.

fileanaroot_v4.5.32.tgz Update after 2016 Autumn experiment. New function for CATANA is implemented. rootlogon.C is updated for CLING.

fileanaroot_v4.5.31.tgz Update after 2016 Spring experiment. Fix the bug in TArtCalibPlastic to use Under/OverFlow function used mainly for v1X90 analysis. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. December 2nd 2016

fileanaroot_v4.5.30.tgz implement the functionality to get RunInfo on the head of RIDF data. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. January 15th 2016

fileanaroot_v4.5.29.tgz update after SAMURAI s021. reconstruction for NeuLAND is improved. Update Clear function in TArtPPAC and TArtFocalPlane. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. January 7th 2016

fileanaroot_v4.5.28.tgz Decoder for VME-Easyroc is added. Debug for Neuland. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. October 1st 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.27.tgz Decoder for MQDC32/MTDC32 are added. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. October 1st 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.26.tgz Classes for NeuLAND are integrated. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. September 10th 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.25.tgz RF signal can be handled with Plastic class. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. June 9th 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.24.tgz Decoder for NeuLAND is added. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. June 9th 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.23.tgz Critical bug on Ge analysis is fixed. Developed with ROOT 5.34.21. and 6.02.04 May 28th 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.22.tgz First release to be able to be used with ROOT6. developed with ROOT 5.34.21. and 6.02.04 May 27th 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.21.tgz After 2015 Transmutation experiment. Some modification on messaging. Problem on Ge analysis is fixed. developed with ROOT 5.34.21. Apr 7th 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.20.tgz After 2014 fall campaign. Add RPTOF, and RPDC. anafile analysis on Go4 is available. developed with ROOT 5.34.21. Jan 28th 2015

fileanaroot_v4.5.19.tgz Add WINDS. Bug on IC is fixed. developed with ROOT 5.34.21. Nov 18th 2014

fileanaroot_v4.5.18.tgz Add CFD-Pla. Bug on LoadBrho is fixed. developed with ROOT 5.34.21. Nov 7th 2014

fileanaroot_v4.5.17.tgz PPAC tracking part is updated. TArtCalibSi is added. developed with ROOT 5.34.21. Oct 23th 2014

fileanaroot_v4.5.16.tgz Bug fixed (Anafile)

fileanaroot_v4.5.15.tgz Updated one after 2014 Uranium campaign. Add MINOS package, event skip functionality in push() func.. Brho value of each BigRIPS dipole can fetched from header or epics automatically. developed with ROOT 5.34.14. May 21th 2014
If you load analoop library independently from other libraries, you need to change analoop part to load analoop library (i.e. change rootlogon.C):

- modules.push_back(install_dir+"/lib/"+"libanaanaloop.so");

has to be:

- modules.push_back(install_dir+"/lib/"+"libanaloop.so");
- modules.push_back(install_dir+"/lib/"+"libanaloopexample.so");
- modules.push_back(install_dir+"/lib/"+"libanaloopencexample.so");

fileanaroot_v4.5.14.tgz Add calibrator for TKE, SAMURAI-TED and SAMURAI-ICF. developed with ROOT 5.34.13. April 1st 2014

fileanaroot_v4.5.13.tgz debug. Update around handling multihit TDC for plastic. developed with ROOT 5.34.13. March 22th 2014

fileanaroot_v4.5.12.tgz snap shot for 2014 exp campaign

fileanaroot_v4.5.11.tgz update SAMURAI tracking routine. debug analoop. developed with ROOT 5.34.13. February 6th 2014

fileanaroot_v4.5.10.tgz update SAMURAI analysis routine for the identification of residue. developed with ROOT 5.32.01. October 24th 2013

fileanaroot_v4.5.9.tgz Add raw data container for FADC. developed with ROOT 5.32.01. October 15th 2013

fileanaroot_v4.5.8.tgz add some examples to use go4 for RIBFDAQ. developed with ROOT 5.32.01. September 24th 2013

fileanaroot_v4.5.7.tgz implement RK tracing developed for SKS spectrometer. developed with ROOT 5.32.01. August 6th 2013

fileanaroot_v4.5.6.tgz improve BigRIPS reconstruction part. developed with ROOT 5.32.01 during 2013 Isospin diffusion experiment. June 24th 2013

fileanaroot_v4.5.5.tgz improve BigRIPS analysis and SAMURAI-DC tracking. (developed with ROOT 5.32.01 during 2012 EURICA experiment)

fileanaroot_v4.5.4.tgz add analyzer and libraries for BigRIPS-Ge analysis. (developed with ROOT 5.32.01)

fileanaroot_v4.5.3.tgz several bugs related to BigRIPS analysis are fixed.

fileanaroot_v4.5.2.tgz analyser functionality is implemented in anafile analysis routine. software after samurai dayone.

fileanaroot_v4.5.1.tgz bug fixed in reconstruction software.

fileanaroot_v4.5.0.tgz update after SAMURAI and EURICA commissioning. AnaLoop (mainly for online monitoring) routine is newly implemented.

fileanaroot_v4.4.1.tgz 1st libraries for SAMURAI-NEBULA and EURICA are added. In addition, Nadeko library for anapaw like histogram handling is implemented.

fileanaroot_v4.4.0.tgz major update. the all of previous macros can not be used. Data store manager is implemented. class for reconstruction and class for data containing is separated.

fileanaroot_v4.3.2.tgz add slewing correction for plastic of BigRIPS. add functions to return raw data. Version 72 in subversion.

fileanaroot_v4.3.1.tgz back to vector from TClonesArray in TArtRawEventObject to fix large memory leak. Version 65 in subversion.

fileanaroot_v4.3.0.tgz Libraries for DALI analysis is implemented. TClonesArray for data container. Bug fix. Version 62 in subversion.

fileanaroot_v4.2.7.tgz Bug fix, move BigRIPS monitoring histograms to Macros/BigRIPS/RecoPID.C

fileanaroot_v4.2.6.tgz Modify BigRIPS PPAC reconstruction part (make txsum cut optional).

fileanaroot_v4.2.5.tgz Add functionality for online data streaming.

fileanaroot_v4.2.4.tgz Some bugs are fixed for newest ROOT.

fileanaroot_v4.2.3.tgz Some bugs are fixed and BigRIPS analysis library is separated.

fileanaroot_v4.2.2.tgz BigRIPS PID parts are implemented.

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