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DAQ software package

filebabirl220829.tar.gzlatestavoid compilation warnings on Rocky/Alma Linux 8 (babits cannot work with this version)
filebabirl210210.tar.gzstablebabiconjson, babicmdjson added
filebabirl200305.tar.gzstableSome minor updates

libbabies |

filebabirl130716.tar.gzpreviousCommand-line GTO program, Scaler values can be stored into DB

The performance of babies has improved (recovered from 130321). Previous version (babirl130226) can work less than 3KHz trigger. Older version and latest version are able to work more than 3KHz trigger. The option of checking event receiver's hostname. Default = off.

bug fix v288.c in vmeutil (May12, 2015)

NBBQ may support 64bit Linux. DMA in V2718 works, please use v7XX_fxdmasegdata in babildrv. In NBBQ, you can use dma_vread32(maddr, (char *)(data+mp), csize). csize is in character (byte) size. For newer kernel with SMP, sometimes it is not stable.

filebabirl120720.tar.gzprevious babirl
filenbbq-mar05-2012.tar.gzprevious NBBQ

for CAEN V2718

with CAEN original V2718 driver (a2818)

filebbcaenvme150709.tar.gzlatestBugfix : cmdvme with V1718
filebbcaenvme150407.tar.gzpreviousSIS3350 module is added

To use this, do not install NBBQ, and install CAEN's official driver and libraries. babies and cmdvme programs are included. In detail, please refer libbabies and V2718 (there is a list of support modules).

filebbcaenvme_sis3350.tar.gzlibbabies example to use SIS3350 (Direct Memory Start Mode)

with NBBQ

filev2718sample.tar.gzan example of babildrv with v2718 + NBBQ V2718 driver

CBLT with DMA transfer. Initialization parameters are in vsta.txt.

for VMIVME Series

We have a OS image including NBBQ/Babirl for VMIVME7700/7807,GE7768,SVA041. If you need, please contact us.

LUPO Firmware


fileclupotimestamprev11.mcsTime Stamp Rev 1.1 (w/o FIFO)


filevlupotimestamp19.mcsTime Stamp Rev 1.9 (with FIFO, interrupt counter, Rev1.6, Rev.1.7 have a problem of sequential readout)
filevlupotimestamp1ahiji.mcsTime Stamp Rev 1.A (with FIFO, Hijikata 2020)
filevlupotimestamp11.mcsTime Stamp Rev 1.1 (w/o FIFO)
filevlupotimestamp2017laszlo.mcsTime Stamp Rev 1.1 (w/o FIFO) Laszlo 2017
filevlupotimestamplaszlo2018.mcsTime Stamp Rev 1.1 (w/o FIFO) Laszlo 2018
filevlupotimestamp30.mcsTime Stamp Rev 3.0 (w/o FIFO, dual timestamp) (see Memo)
filevlupotimestamp11dali.mcsTime Stamp Rev 1.1 for DALI (w/o FIFO, out0=10kHz, out1=1kHz clk, others=Rev1.1)
filevlupoioregisterrev12.mcsI/O Interrupt Register Rev 1.2
filevlupoioregisterrev14.mcsI/O Interrupt Register Rev 1.4 (now debugging)
filevlupoioscaler10.mcsI/O and Scaler Register Rev 1.0 (now debugging)
filevlupodaqmaster15.mcsDAQ Master Rev 1.5 (AND/OR logic signals can be output)
filevlupodaqmaster16.mcsDAQ Master Rev 1.6 (Delay logic is added)
filevlupomultitimestamp20.mcsMulti Time Stamp Rev 2.0 (16ch inputs with FIFO)
filevluposcaler13.mcsScaler Rev 1.3 (16ch LVDS input + 10kHz scaler latch) *Rev1.1 ch3,7,11,15 returns invalid scaler values

GTO Firmware, Manual and GWT Interface

Single DAQ

filesdgto21.mcsRev 2.1Scaler for Triggers + EOB (only 16bit) 2016.3.29 update
filesdgto20.mcsRev 2.0Exception control, EEPROM (baud rate 230400)
filecmdsdgto21.tar.gzCommand line controller for SDGTO2 (Rev 2.1)
filesdgto20web.tar.gzWeb interface for SDGTO2 (for Rev 2.0 and 2.1)
please specify the hostname in PHPGTO/gtosetting.xml)
filesdgto12web.tar.gzWeb interface for SDGTO Rev 1.2
filegto_singledaq_rev1.0.pdfManual for SDGTO (not completed)

Busy Selector

Gated Scaler

filegscrgto10.mcsRev 1.0 (baud rate 230400)
filegto_gatedscaler_rev1.0.pdfManual for Gated Scaler
filecmdgscrgto10.tar.gzReadout program for Gated Scaler

Gate and Delay Generator

filegdgto13.mcsRev 1.3Normal GDG + Clock Sync GDG + Output Register(baud rate 230400)
filecmdgdgto13.tar.gzControl Program for GDGTO13
Revision 1.3, the disable function of output is added. 
Revision 1.2, the function of output register is added. 
Revision 1.1, the clock synchronous GDG have a problem.
(In case of ClockGDG mode with clkdl = 0, it may have about 40ns uncertainty for the output width.)

Trigger Selector

fileselgto10.mcsRev 1.0Selector GTO
fileselgto10.tar.gzControl Program for Selector GTO 1.0

Logic Unit

filelugto10.mcsRev 1.0Logic Unit GTO (similar function with Trigger Selector, but AND condition is available)


filetsgto10.mcsRev 1.0Firmware
filecmdtsgto10.tar.gzRev 1.0Control Program for TimeStamp GTO 1.0
filegto_timestamp_rev1.0.pdfRev 1.0Manual for TimeStamp GTO 1.0 (document is not completed)

GTO Seek Program

To find GTO (Ethernet connection is done by Lantronix XPORT), this program is useful.

filefindxport64bit Linux binary
filefindxport3232bit Linux binary
filefindxport.tar.gzLinux source



filemocosio11.bitRev 1.1Readout by trigger signal
filemocousb.xmlFT2232Hfor USB chip configuration

PDF Manual

LUPO and GTP (FPGA) training

Vol 1.

In Englishfilefpgalecture1e.pdfIntroduction, Build project, Read/Write, Download firmware
In Japanesefilefpgalecture1.pdf


filevmelupods.pdfVME LUPO Data Sheet
filelupo_ioregister_rev1.2.pdfLUPO DAQ Master Module (Japanese)
filelupo_timestamp_rev1.2e.pdfLUPO Time Stamp (for Rev 1.1-1.2)
filelupo_timestamp_rev1.6e.pdfLUPO Time Stamp (for new firmware Rev 1.6-1.9)
filelupo_daqmaster_rev1.6e.pdfLUPO DAQ Master Module Rev 1.6
filelupo_multitimestamp_rev2.0e.pdfLUPO Multi Time Stamp
filelupo_scaler_rev1.3e.pdfLUPO Scaler (LVDS input)
filelupo_ioscaler_rev1.0e.pdfLUPO IO Scaler


Data format

filedataformat_101112e.pdfCurrent version

Event sender

fileRIBFDAQCookES.pdfHow to make a event sender (ES) for RIBFDAQ.
fileRIBFDAQDishForBabies.pdfHow to dish data to babies (default ES).



OS image

| | | Jan.6 2023 trial | BUG fix for stop sequence |

2021 Stable(maybe, there is a problem at the stop sequence)

Web and Scripts

to be uploaded
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