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Reconstruction program in ANAROOT needs parameter files for channel mapping, calibration and user definition on the detector setup. There several parameter handler, called HogeHogeParameters, such as TArtBigRIPSParameters. You have to load the parameter file to parameter handler in advance for the BigRIPS/SAMURAI/DALI.... analysis routine.

The parameter file is supposed to be given as XML formatted file.

How to edit parameters for analysis.

There are several ways to edit XML file.

Convert xml to csv. Edit it with microsoft excel. Then, convert csv to xml. You can use csv2xml.pl and xml2csv.pl for conversion.

Use google spreadsheet to manage the parameter tables. You can fetch the table as ANAROOT compatible xml file by using one python script. If you want the script, let Isobe know.

Meaning of each parameters are supposed to be described in each TArtXXXPara.hh file.

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