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Web Utility

The index page of your experiment is http://ribfdaq/~EXPNAME/ (Password is required). The password of the experiment page is given by RIBFDAQ group. And please inform your collaborators of this password.

New page

If you open the experiment page, you can see:


If you find usual index page, you can modify via the link of 'Edit user definition'.

You can modify your index page from this page:


Then, you may see the index page like this:


In RIBF experiment case, you don't need to register new host information. However, clean install case or you need additional CAMAC/VME CPU, you should 'add' host information.

Edit host information

In RIBF experiment case, all host information is prepared in default. If you need additional information, or want to modify, please use 'Edit host information'.


For servers (such as d01, d02), you must not check 'reboot' and 'halt'.

Edit Hostlist

First, register host names which used in all utilities. Go to 'Edit host list' from the Index page. After edit, you have to push the 'Save' button.


Lock and unlock the important configuration

From web page, you can easily modify the configuration. During experiment, many people use this page, and sometimes, makes mistake. By clicking 'Lock the configuration'/'Unlock the configuration', the configurators of 'Edit user difinition', 'Edit host information', 'Edit host list', 'Preset DAQ parameters', 'Set DAQ configuration' are hidden/visible.

Process Manager

By using Process Manager, you can launch/kill DAQ processes; and reboot/halt commands for FEC are available.

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