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DAQ controllers

There are 2 types of DAQ controller. The one is 'babicon' which has the interactive character user interface. Other one is 'babicmd' which is command line based (one shot) type. In the usual case, users should use 'babicon'. In addition to these, a web-based DAQ controller is planed.


'babicon' is the default DAQ controller. 'babicon' have to be connected to the event builder first, i.e. its argument should be the host name of the event builder.


Command list

exit         : Exit babicon
help         : Help
start        : Start DAQ with save mode
nssta        : Start DAQ with no save mode
stop         : Stop DAQ
pstart       : Start DAQ with save mode, with pre command
pnssta       : Start DAQ with no save mode, with pre command
pstop        : Stop DAQ, with pre command
setrunnumber : Set run number to Number
setrunname   : Set run name
setebsize    : Set event build size
setbabildes  : Set babildes mode
getconfig    : Get DAQ configuration
sethdlist    : Set HD list
seteflist    : Set EF list
getesconfig  : Get EFS Configuration
setesconfig  : Set EFS Configuration
reloadesdrv  : Reload ES device driver (Linux mode only)
setssminfo   : Set SSM information
esconnect    : Make connection EFS to EFR
esdisconnect : Disconnect EFS to EFR
esquit       : Quit ES
wth          : Write header
setclinfo    : Set UDP analysis client list
getclinfo    : Get UDP analysis client list
setauclinfo  : Define UDP analysis client list for AUEB
getauclinfo  : Get definition of UDP analysis client list for AUEB
getscrlist   : Get scaler list
setscrname   : Set scaler name
getscrlive   : Get live time information
setscrlive   : Set live time information
delscr       : Delete scaler definition
getevtnumber : Get event built number
getesevtnumber : Get es event number
getebrate    : Get rate of event built size
whoareyou    : Get EF process name
shutdown     : Shutdown babild and babies
sh           : Execute shell command
psh          : Execute shell command (returns OK or Error)
rsh          : Execute remote shell command with return
nrsh         : Execute remote shell command without any return
kill         : Kill babirl process via babimo     

To know the detail, please use help command like 'help seteflist'.


'babicmd' is a command line based DAQ controller. With this command, a kind of batch command list is available.

/usr/babirl/babicon/babicmd HOSTNAME COMMAND [ARGS]

'babicmd' has the same commands with 'babicon'. The argument of HOSTNAME vary according to COMMAND. For example, 'seteflist' is a command for the event builder. In this case HOSTNAME will be the host name of the event builder. In case of 'setesconfig' command which is for the event sender, HOSTNAME should be the host name of the event sender.

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