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Registration of data clients


Default setting is set by RIBFDAQ group, but you can change this.

babicon> getclinfo                           -- show the client list
babicon> setclinfo 0 add a01                 -- register analysis server a01
babicon> setclinfo 0 id 0                    -- a01's SHM number is 0
babicon> setclinfo 1 add a02                 -- register analysis server a02
babicon> setclinfo 1 id 3                    -- a02's SHM number is 3

Analysis servers can receive on-line data from 6 different event builders. The SHM (shared memory) number have to be configured without duplication.


For time-stamp based event building.

Process on online analysis server

A process of 'babian' is needed to receive on-line data from event builders. Usually 'babian' is running on analysis servers at all times. If you need, by using Process Manager you can run/kill 'babian'.

Checking program

To check on-line data, 'chkridf' command is available.

chkridf -s SHMID(0-5)

You may find on-line data held on shared memory.

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