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There are 3 SATA-RAID (RAID6) boxes. RAID04/05 is 1 RAID box but having dual controllers that act as individual RAID sets. RAID is used as the raw data storage and working space. They are located on SAN (storage area network) via 4/8 Gbps FC (Fibre channel) independent of Ethernet.

RAID partition

  • RAID01 (SATA 6.5 TB)
    /raid/01  BigRIPS   3.5TB (EXT3)
    /raid/02  Backup    3.0TB (EXT3)
  • RAID03 (SATA 26 TB)
    /raid/10  User      8.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/11  BRIKEN    8.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/12  User      4.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/13  Backup    2.0TB (EXT4)
  • RAID04/05 (SATA 72TB)
    /raid/15  Gamma    16.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/16  User     16.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/17  BigRIPS   4.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/18  Gamma    16.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/19  BRIKEN   16.0TB (EXT4)
    /raid/20  User      4.0TB (EXT4)

RAID partition (old information)

  • RAID01 (SATA 6.5 TB)
    /raid/01  User     2TB  (EXT3)
    /raid/02  User     2TB  (EXT3)
    /raid/03  User     2TB  (EXT3)
    /raid/04  DAQ    0.5TB  (EXT3)
  • RAID02 (SATA 9.5 TB)
    /raid/05  User     2TB  (EXT3)
    /raid/06  User     2TB  (EXT3)
    /raid/07  User     2TB  (GFS)
    /raid/08  User     2TB  (GFS)
    /raid/09  Backup 1.5TB  (EXT3)
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