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There are two core software packages developed by H.B. These are written by C language (Linux gcc) with some common libraries such as readline and termcap.


babirl is a software package for RIBFDAQ. This includes:

  • Event builder for common dead time (CCEB) = babild
  • Auxiliary event builder (AUEB) = babiau
  • Time stamp based event builder (TSEB) = babits
  • Event sender (ES) = babies
  • DAQ Controller = babicon
  • Analysis front-end = babian


NBBQ is a small DAQ software package including Linux CAMAC/VME device drivers. babirl Event sender uses CAMAC/VME device drivers of NBBQ. Available device drivers are:

  • TOYO CC/7700
  • Kinetic K3922+K2915
  • SBS 617,618,620
  • Wiener VMEMM
  • VMIVME 7700, 7807
  • Advme 8001

Web utility

Some useful web-based programs are available. These are developed with PHP + Javascript and Ruby. The web-based GUI DAQ controller by GWT (Google Web Toolkit) is now planed.


RIBFDAQ provides analysis libraries for some software. These software are not supported by RIBFDAQ group but we could inform how to use. Please see Analysis.

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