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MPV System

Ideal case0.18 us/word + 0.6 us
V792 block read0.22 us/word + 0.6us

Interrupt latency is included in 0.6 us overhead. MPV do parallel readout for VME modules. The DAQ deadtime depends on the module that has the longest readout (+ conversion) time.

Event builder (common trigger)

The maximum data processing rate is 40 MB/s.

Device driver



Old (Kernel 2.4)New (Kernel 2.6)
CAMAC Single6.7 us5.4 us
CAMAC Block PIO3.6 us/ch + 2.4 us2.6 us/ch + 1.7 us
CAMAC Block DMA1.2 us/ch + 9.9 us1.2 us/ch + 6.7 us
INT Latency21.7 us30.0 us

There are two hardware versions: old one is Kernel 2.4, newer is Kernel 2.6. Block PIO/DMA is CC/NET special transfer (list sequencer) mode. At the RUN start-up routine, CAMAC command list have to be registered.



Linux 2.4.29
32 bit Single Read2.9 us
32 bit Single Write2.2 us
32 bit MDA Read0.15 us/ch + 34.6 us


Linux 2.4
32 bit Single Read1.9 us
32 bit Single Write1.2 us

GE funac VMIVME 7807

Linux 2.4.29
Map-ummap time9.53 us
32 bit Single Map Read1.05 us
32 bit MDA Map Read0.21 us/ch + 6.6 us

These values are obtained with CAEN V1190A.

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