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Available resources

Server (for analysis) list

ribfdata01.riken.jp (ribfdata01.rarfadv.riken.go.jp)

These servers can be accessed from inside of RIKEN Nishina Center. To login these servers from outsize, you have to login ribf00.riken.jp which is a login server.

The default quota for home directory is 6 GB. If you apply the working directory for analysis, you could use 100 GB additional area.

RIBF Cluster has large storage area for rawdata of experiments. Usual case, all rawdata taken by RIBFDAQ send to this rawdata archive automatically. Then you can use your rawdata from RIBF Cluster servers.

Registration of user and permission

New User application form

RIBFDAQ users can apply an account on RIBF Cluster. Please send this application form (fileuserapplication.txt)with the public SSH key (such as id-rsa.pub) to system (at) ribf.riken.jp. RIBF Cluster requires SSH key authorization. To prepare your public key, please refer http://accc.riken.jp/pubkeyauth_e.html .

--------------- RIBF Cluster application ---------------
 1.  Data of the submission (e.g. 2010-04-01) : 
 2.  Name                                     : 
 3.  E-mail address                           : 
 4.  Affiliation                              : 
 5.  Affiliating Laboratory/Team in RIKEN     : (If you are in RIKEN)
 6.  Position in RIKEN                        : (If you are in RIKEN)
 7.  Phone number in RIKEN                    : (If you have) 
 8.  ID number in RIKEN                       : (If you have)
 9.  Prefer user name (default=family name)   : (If you want)

 If your affiliation is not RIKEN
10.  Contact person in RIKEN                  : 
11.  Position in your office	              : 
12.  Address of your office                   : 
13.  Phone number of your office              : 

Additional working directory for data analysis on RIBF Cluster
16.  Do you analyze data on RIBF Cluster      : Yes/No
17.  User name on RIBF Cluster                : (If you already have)
18.  Proposal Number (e.g. RIBF-020)          : 
19.  Request size of work directory           : (default = 100GB)

Followings are administrator's space. Please don't fill.
51.  login name        : 
52.  UID               : 
53.  Group ID          : 
54.  Initial passwd    : 
55.  Registration date : 
56.  Register name     : 
57.  Working directory : 
58.  Working Quota     : 


Permission of raw data

Raw data is copied archive-RAID which belongs this RIBF cluster, semi-automatically. Users of RIBF cluster can do the offline analysis on RIBF cluster and can access your raw data. Since, access permission (group based) of your raw data is managed by a server administrator, a spokesperson have to send an e-mail to our group.

Access permission for archived raw data

Please complete and submit the following application form to
ribf-daq (at) ribf.riken.jp by e-mail.

About applicant and experiment
1.  Date of this submission                    : Nov.30, 2008
2.  Name                                       : Hidetada Baba
3.  E-mail address                             : foobar@foo.bar
4.  Affiliation                                : RIKEN
5.  Proposal Number + Spokes person            : NP0802-RIBF56 (Baba)
6.  List of user names to be permitted*1       : baba, hoge, foo, bar  

*1 Please write exist user names in RIBF cluster.

Offline analysis tips


You can use ribfdata01.riken.jp and ribf01.riken.jp servers. These servers cannot login directory from outside, you have to enter ribf00.riken.jp once. (From RIKEN Nishina Center inside, you can directory login.)

Setup analysis environment

ssh ribfdata01.riken.jp (or ssh ribf01.riken.jp)
tcsh  (If your shell is not tcsh)
cd ~
mkdir -p src/anapaw
cd src/anapaw
svn co http://ribfdaq.rarfadv.riken.go.jp/svn/repos/anapaw/main/branches/EXPNAME ./
 (EXPNAME may be given by RIBFDAQ team)
mkdir exp
emacs .cshrc      (Insert these 2 lines)
 alias analogin 'source $HOME/src/anapaw/Setup/setupanapaw.ribfcluster'
source .cshrc    
cd src
rm setana
svn co http://ribfdaq.rarfadv.riken.go.jp/svn/repos/anapaw/usersrc/branches/EXPNAME ./
ln -s /rarf/d/d01/EXPNAME ridf  (This directory contains raw data.)

If you use ANAPAW with ROOT version, please insert these lines in .cshrc

setenv ROOTSYS /rarf/d/d01/cern/root
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