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Because Anapaw uses CERN Paw and CERNLIB, you should first correctly install this last softwares, see

CERN Physics computing

On recent Linux, there are 32bit and 64bit OS. Also there are several gcc versions. Please choose version of CERNLIB correctly.

You can download ANAPAW source files from the download site in this website. Usually, main sources are installed into ~/usr/anapaw.

Before installing

Warning: Anapaw commands have been written using C SHELL, thus you should swap to this shell. Edit or create the .cshrc file at the root of your home directory. If we suppose that the Anapaw source files are in ~/usr/anapaw and you want your work directory to be ~/exp/r300n, add the following:

 alias analogin ’source $HOME/usr/anapaw/Setup/setupanapaw/’
 setenv ANAPAW_WORK $HOME/exp/r300n

Then for this change to be effective :

 source .cshrc

Anapaw uses a set of environment variables, contained in the setupanapaw file. At least two of them must be changed to fit to your computer’s configuration. First, as far as Anapaw deals CERN’s PAW - and other libraries - specify the location of CERNLIB. In second the Anapaw source files location itself should be specified.

As an example, the first lines of setupanapaw can look like (defaults):

 setenv CERNLIB /cern/pro/lib
 setenv ANAPAW_HOME $HOME/usr/local/anapaw

Off line analysis

Anapaw can be use for on-line analysis as well as off line analysis. The suitable configuration for local and off-line is :

 #For using on local.
 source $ANAPAW_SETUP/setup.local

You must create work directory, for examples, if you want to to work in ~/exp/r300n, you must create : ~/exp. Or if you want ~/exp/r300n/offline then create ~/exp/r300n

Finally copy source files (basic ones are in usersrc-*.tar.gz) to e.g ~/exp/r300n/src (or ~/exp/r300n/offline/src). This can be off course change in the setupanapaw file.

On line analysis

For the on-line case, more than one user can make analysis, but everyone must use, at the beginning, the same source code. Then if the main directory will be ~/exp/r300n :

 > makedir ~/exp/
 > makedir ~/exp/r300n
 > makedir ~/exp/r300n/src
 > makedir ~/exp/r300n/users

The analogin commands will automatically create users files.

Login and compiling

Before compiling ANAPAW, you have to login.

OFF line analysis

After definition of main parameters in setupanapaw you simply have to typewrite :

 > analogin

ON line analysis

Due to several user, you will have to specified your login. For example for the user named hogehoge.

 > analogin

 Please Input Your Name.

 -> ’hogehoge’

Then if non directory exists for you, analogin will create it.

Compiling ANAPAW

You first have to build the library, independently of the characteristics of the experiment.

Supposing that the ANAPAW SOURCE variable has been assigned by the ’analogin’ program. Just type :

 > make -C $ANAPAW_SOURCE clean
 > make -C $ANAPAW_SOURCE install

This series of commands can be simplified by using

 > makelib

Then you must build the specific encoding files for the analysis. After changing to the directory where the user source files are (example : ~/exp/r300n/src), type :

 > make clean
 > make

Everything can be simplified by using (from anywhere)

 > makeana

To execute ANAPAW, just type anapaw.

Last-modified: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 21:25:49 HAST (5081d)