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Function members

  • Default
    • SHM_BUFF_SIZE : 16 kByte
    • ANSHMKEY : 17001
    • ANSEMKEY : 18001
  • BABIRL mode
    • SHM_BUFF_SIZE : 256 kByte
    • ANSHMKEY : 561000
    • ANSEMKEY : 561001



  • TArtSharedMemory *fSharedMemory
  • TArtSemaphore *fSemaphore
  • unsigned int fNBlock
    Number of Block.
  • unsigned int fMemoryPos
    Pointer to memory.
  • int fRunNumber
    Run number.

Function documents

  • ~TArtSharedMemoryDataSource()
    Call Close() function.
  • int GetRunNumber()
    Return fRunNumber.
  • bool SMOpen(const int sid)
    Generate shared memory and semaphore associated sid. Return result.
  • void Close()
    Delete fSharedMemory and fSemaphore.
  • ArtBlockStat_t GetNextBlock()
    Read a data block from the shared memory, and identify the type of data.
    Return the block status.
  • int Read(char *buf, const int &size, const int &offset)
    Read data from shared memory, and assign the data to buf associated offset.
    Return the length of buf.
  • int Seek(long offset, int origin)
    If origin is SEEK_SET, offset is assigned to fMemoryPos.
    If origin is SEEK_CUR, offset is added to fMemoryPos.
    If origin is SEEK_END, shared memory size is assigned to fMemoryPos.
  • int IsPrepared()
    Check a current status of a shared memory.
    If the memory is prepared, return 1.
  • int Wait()
    Unlock the semaphore.
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