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Function members



  • int fKey
    Shared memory key.
  • int fSize
    Shared memory size.
  • int fID
    Shared memory id.
  • bool fIsValid
    Flag for validity of shared memory.
  • char* fSharedMemory Pointer to shared memory.

Function documents

  • TArtSharedMemory(int shmkey, int size)
    Generate shared memory associated shmkey.
    Assign true to fIsValid.
  • ~TArtSharedMemory()
    Call Delete().
  • int GetSize()
    Return fSize.
  • int Read(char *buf, int size, int offset)
    Copy shared memory associated offset to buf.
  • int Delete()
    Delete shared memory generated by TArtSharedMemory()
  • bool IsValid()
    Return fIsValid.
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