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Function members



  • int run_number

Run number.

  • int event_number

Event number.

  • unsigned long long int time_stamp

Time stamp information.

Array of data segments.

Array of scaler.

  • int nblock

Number of data block used for this event.

Function documents

  • TArtRawEventObject()

Assign -1 to run_number, event_number, and time_stamp.

Assign 0 to nblock.

Add seg to segment_array as a last element.

Add scl to scaler_array as a last element.

Return "nn"th element of segment_array.

Return "nn"th element of scaler_array.

  • void Clear()

Delete segment_array and scaler_array.

  • void Print()

Print file information on terminal.

  • virtual int GetNumSeg()

Return size of segment_array.

  • virtual int GetNumScaler()

Return size of scaler_array.

  • virtual void SetRunNumber(int runnum)

Assign runnum to run_number.

  • virtual int GetRunNumber()

Return run_number.

  • virtual void SetEventNumber(int evenum)

Assign evenum to event_number.

  • virtual int GetEventNumber()

Return event_number.

  • virtual void SetTimeStamp(unsigned long long int tstamp)

Assign tstamp to time_stamp.

  • virtual unsigned long long int GetTimeStamp()

Return time_stamp.

  • virtual void AddNumBlock()

Inclement nblock.

  • virtual int GetNumBlock()

Return nblock

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