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Function members



  • int num_channel
    Number of channel in scaler.
  • int scaler_id
    Scaler ID.
  • int scaler_date
    Scaler date.
  • int scaler[32]
    Array of scaler data.

Function documents

  • TArtRawScalerObject(const int nch, const int sid, const int dd)

Assign all arguments to protected members.

  • TArtRawScalerObject()

Assign 0 to num_channel and -1 to scaler_id.

  • virtual void SetScalerDate(const int dd)

Assign dd to scaler_date.

  • virtual void SetScalerID(const intsid)

Assign sid to scaler_id.

  • virtual void SetNumChannel(const int nch}

Assign nch to num_channel.

  • virtual int GetScalerDate()

Return scaler_date.

  • virtual int GetScalerID()

Return scaler_id.

  • virtual int GetNumChannel()

Return num_channel.

  • virtual void SetScaler(int nn, int ss)

Assign ss to nn-th element of scaler array.

  • virtual int* GetScaler()

Return pointer of scaler array.

  • virtual int GetScaler(int nn)

Return nn-th element of scaler array.

  • virtual void Clear()

Delete scaler.

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