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  • MB 1024*1024 = 1048576
  • MAXBLOCKSIZE 128kByte = 131072
  • WORDSIZE 2Byte

Function members



Function documents

  • TArtEventStore()

Initialize fDataSource, fParser, and fIsInitalied.

  • Open()

Return Open(0).

  • Open(const int sid)

Open shared memory for online analysis.

"sid" means shared memory id defined by babirl.

  • Open(const char *filename)

Open RIDF file.

  • Open(const char *hostname, const int port)

Open data streaming described hostname and port.

  • ClearData()

Clear TArtEventInfo and TArtRawEvent object.

  • void LoadMapConfig( const char *filename)

Open map file.
You have to load RIDF file before calling this function.

  • bool GetNextEvent()

Get next event block and parse block using TArtParser.
If reach the end of file, return false.
You have to define TArtRawEventObject before calling this function.

Return pointer of rawevent.

  • TClonesArray * GetEventInfoArray()

Return pointer of info_array.

Assign a pointer of rawevent to raweve.

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