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Function members



  • TSocket *sock
    TSocket is a socket class included ROOT.

Function documents

  • ~TArtStreamingDataSource()
    If sock exist, delete sock.
  • bool SocketOpen(const char * hostname, const int port, conat bool fromlast)
    Create a socket object as sock.
    If that is successful, return true. Default value of port is 10080.
  • int Read(char *buf, const int &size, const int &offset)
    Receive buffer from sock and assign the buffer to buf.
    The offset is meaningless.
  • int GetRunNumber()
    Return 0.
  • void Close()
    If the sock exist, close the sock.
  • int Seek(long offset, int origin)
    Return 0.
  • int IsPrepared()
    If the sock exist and the sock is valid, return the status of sock.
    If not, return false.
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