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Function members


  • virtual void SetGeo(const int ingeo)
  • virtual void SetCh(const int inch)
  • virtual void SetVal(const unsigned int inval)
  • virtual void SetEdge ( const int inedge};


  • int geo
    Geometory ID of module.
  • int channel

Channel in module.

  • unsinged int value

Data value.

  • int edge

Flag of detected edge.

-1 : undefined, 0: rising, 1: falling.

  • int categoryid

Category ID for mapped analysis.

  • int detectorid

Unique number of detector ch for mapped analysis.

  • int datatype

Flag of data type such as ADC and TDC.

Function documents

  • TArtRawDataObject()

All protected member set to -1.

  • TArtRawDataObject(int ingeo, int inch, unsigned int inval)

Each protected member set to each argument.

  • virtual void SetGeo(const int ingeo)

Assign ingeo to geo.

  • virtual void SetCh(const int inch)

Assign inch to ch.

  • virtual void SetVal(const int inval)

Assign inval to val.

  • virtual void SetEdge(const int inedge)

Assign inedge to edge.

  • virtual ind GetGeo()

Return geo.

  • virtual ind GetCh()

Return ch.

  • virtual ind GetVal()

Return val.

  • virtual void GetEdge()

Return edge.

  • virtual void SetCategoryID(const int incat)

Assign incat to categoryid.

  • virtual void SetDetectorID(const int indet)

Assign indet to detectorid.

  • virtual void SetDatatypeID(const int inid)

Assign inid to datatype.

  • virtual int GetCategoryID()

Return categoryid.

  • virtual int GetDetectorID()

Return detectorid.

  • virtual int GetDatatypeID()

Return datatype.

  • virtual void Clear()

Clear all protected members.

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