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Function members



  • int categoryid
  • int detectorid
  • int datatype

Function documents

  • TArtMap(const int incat, const int indet, &color():Invalid color: const int;
    Assign incat, indet, and dtype to categoryid, detecotrid, and datatype, respectively.
  • virtual int GetCategoryID()
    Return categoryid.
  • virtual int GetDetectorID()
    Return detectorid.
  • virtual int GetDatatypeID()
    Return datatype.
  • virtual operator< (const TArtMap &m)
    Compare elements of TArtMap, and return the result.
  • Example
    TArtMap map1(1,1,2); // categoryid= 1, detectorid = 1, datatype = 2
    TArtMap map2(1,1,3); // categoryid= 1, detectorid = 1, datatype = 3
    bool result = map1 < map2; // Compare each datatype.

This result is "true".

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