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Function members



  • FILE *fFile;
  • struct stat fFileStat
  • int fRunNumber

Function documents

  • int GetRunNumber()
    Return fRunNumber.
  • void SetRunNumber(int n)
    Assign n to fRunNumber.
  • bool FileOpen( const char* sourceName)
    Open file defined by sourceName. After opening the file, identify file type. If the file type is RIDF, create TArtRIDF::Instance().
    On the other hand, if the file type is RDF ( old data format in RIKEN), create TArtRDF::Instance().
  • int Read(char *buf,const int &size, const int &offset)
    Read data from fFile. The data size is defined by size. And assign that buffer to buf.
  • virtual int Seek(long offset, int origin)
    Seek fFile using offset and origin.

ridf_comment structure

  • Name : stat
    1. char runname[100]
    2. char runnumber[100]
    3. char starttime[20]
    4. char stoptime[20]
    5. char date[20]
    6. char rev[40]
    7. char header[100]
    8. char ender[100]
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