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Function Members


  • TArtEventInfo()
  • virtual ~TArtEventInfo()
  • virtual void Clear()

Basic functions

Function for time-stamp event building

Function for trigger bit


  • int runnumber

Run Number.

  • int eventnumber

Event Number.

  • TString subsysname

DAQ subsystem, especially used for offline event building.


  • unsigned long long int timestamp

Time stamp information.

  • Int_t comp_val

Some value for redundancy of time stamp event building, such as TDC from Tcal.

  • unsigned int fBit

Bit pattern of trigger.

Function documents

  • virtual void Clear()
    Clear all private members.

Basic functions

  • virtual void SetRunNumber(int val)

Assign val to runnumber.

  • virtual void SetEventNumber(int val)

Assign val to eventnumber.

  • virtual void SetSubsysName(char * val)

Assing val to sussysname.

  • virtual int GetRunNumber()

Return runnumber.

  • virtual int GetEventNumber()

Return eventnumber.

  • virtual TString * GetSubsysName()

Return subsysname.

Function for time-stamp event building

  • virtual void SetTimeStamp(unsigned long long int val)

Assign val to timestamp.

  • virtual void SetTSCheck(int val)

Assign val to comp_val.

  • virtual unsigned long long int GetTimeStamp()

Return timestamp.

  • virtual int GetTSCheck()

Return comp_val.

Function for trigger bit.

  • virtual void SetTriggerBit(unsigned int val)

Assign val to fBit value.

  • virtual unsigned int GetTriggerBit()

Return fBit value.

  • virtual bool isTriggerBit(unsigned int val)

Return comparison result between val and fBit.

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