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Function members



  • int id
    Detector ID in DB.
  • int fpl
    Focal Plane ID.
  • TString name
    Detector name.
  • int fDataState
    • fDataState < 0 : invalid.
    • fDataState = 0 : initial.
    • fDataState > 0 : valid.

Function documents

  • TArtDataObject()

Initialize id, fpl and fDataState.

  • virtual void SetID(int val)

Assign val to id.

  • virtual void SetFpl(int val)

Assign val to fpl.

  • virtual void SetDetectorName(TString val)

Assign val to name.

  • virtual void SetDataState(int val)

Assign val to fDataState.

  • virtual int GetID()

Return id.

  • virtual int GetFpl()

Return fpl.

  • virtual TString * GetDetectorName()

Return name.

  • virtual int GetDataState()

Return fDataState.

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