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Function members



Function documents

  • TArtBigRIPSParameters()
    Create all protected TList objects.
  • ~TArtBigRIPSParameters()
    Delete all protected TList objects.
  • TList * GetListOfPPACPara()
    Return listOfPPACPara object.
  • TList * GetListOfPlasticPara()
    Return listOfPlasticPara object.
  • TList * GetListOfICPara()
    Return listOfICPara object.
  • TList * GetListOfFocalPlanePara()
    Return listOfFocalPlanePara object.
  • TList * GetListOfRIPSPara()
    Return listOfRIPSPara object.
  • TList * GetListOfTOFPara()
    Return listOfTOFPara object.
  • TList * GetListOfBeamPara()
    Return listOfBeamPara object.
  • Bool_t LoadParameter(char *xmlfile)
    Get a node of children from xmlfile and pass the node to ParseParaList.
  • TArtRIPSPara * AddOptMatrix(Int_t ffpl, Int_t bfpl, char *file, Double_t brho)
    ffplForward focal plane
    bfplBackward focal plane
    fileOptical matrix file
    brhoCenter Brho
    Create TArtRIPSPara object with each argument and return it.
  • TArtTOFPara * AddTOF(char *fplname, char *bplname, Double_t offset)
    fplnameForward focal plane
    bplnameBackward focal plane
    offsetPosition offset
    Create TArtTOFPara object with each argument and return it.
  • TArtBeamPara * AddBeam(TArtRIPSPara *fr, TArtRIPSPara *br,TArtTOFPara *t, char *dename)
    frSelected forward spectrometer object
    brSelected backward spectrometer object
    tSelected TOF object
    denameName of energy loss counter
    Create TArtBeamPara object with each argument and return it.
  • void SetFocusPosOffset(Int_t fpl, Double_t offset)
    Assign offset value corresponding to fpl in listOfFocalPlanePara.
  • void ParseParaList(TXMLNode *node)
    Get a name of node and pass the node to a parser function corresponding to the name.
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