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  • Requirement
  1. TArtDecoderNEW.h Create this header in $ANAROOT/source/Core/include.
  2. TArtDecoderNEW.cc Create this file in $ANAROOT/source/Core/src
  • Modify
  1. Define ID of decoder in TArtDecoderNEW.h
     static const int kID = 99;
  2. For $ANAROOT/source/Core/src/TArtDecorderFactory.cc
    Add following lines to this file.

    #include "TArtDecoderNEW.h"
    void TArtDecoderFactory::Register(){

  3. $ANAROOT/sourece/Core/anacore_linkdef.h
    Add following line to this file.

    #pragma link C++ class TArtDecoderNEW-!;
Last-modified: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 02:45:38 HADT (3485d)