Tomoya Naito (内藤 智也)

Special Postdoctoral Researcher at RIKEN iTHEMS Program / Visiting Scientist at Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo


Research Topics

  • Computational Physics
    • Basic ideas of density functional theory
    • Novel methods with machine learning
    • ...
  • Nuclear structure theory (mainly using density functional theory)
    • Development of nuclear energy density functional
    • Isospin symmetry breaking
    • Nuclear density distribution and energy density functional
    • Nucleare structure, nuclear equation of state, and neutron-star properties
    • Lepton capture reaction
    • Muonic atoms
    • Nuclear short-range correaltion
    • ...
  • Nuclear astrophysics
    • Structure of neutron stars and nuclear equation of state
    • \( r \)-process nucleosynthesis and nuclear structure
    • ...
  • Quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics (mainly using density functional theory)
    • Fundamental study on many-electron systems using atomic structure
    • Relativistic effects in electronic systems and electronic structure of heavy-actinide and super-heavy elements
    • Development of first-principle calculation methods toward super-heavy elements experiment
    • ...
  • Application of many-body physics to fundamental physics by density functional theory
    • First-principles calculation toward electric dipole moments of fundamental particles
    • ...