RIKEN Symposium
Second Workshop on Fundamentals in Density Functional Theory

20–22 February 2024
Auditorium, Integrated Innovation Building (IIB), RIKEN Kobe Campus

About This Workshop

The density functional theory (DFT) is one of the powerful methods to solve quantum many-body problems, which, in principle, gives the exact energy and density of the ground state. The accuracy of DFT is, in practice, determined by the accuracy of an energy density functional (EDF) since the exact EDF is still unknown. Currently, DFT has been used in many communities, including nuclear physics, quantum chemistry, and condensed matter physics, while the fundamental study of DFT, such as the first principle derivations of an accurate EDF and methods to calculate many observables from obtained densities and excited states. However, there has been little opportunity to have interdisciplinary communication.

On December 2022, we had the first workshop on this series (DFT2022) at Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, and several interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations were started. To share such progresses and extend collaborations, we organize the second workshop. In this workshop, the current status and issues of each discipline will be shared towards solving these problems by meeting together among researchers in mathematics, nuclear physics, quantum chemistry, and condensed matter physics.

This workshop mainly comprises lectures/seminars on cutting-edge topics and discussion, while a half-day session composed of contributed talks is also planned.

This workshop is partially supported by the iTHEMS-phys Study Group. This workshop is a part of the RIKEN Symposium Series.

Workshop Photo

Important Dates

  1. 11 October 2023: Registration open
  2. 08 January 2024: Deadline for Registration with oral presentation (Extended)
  3. 08 January 2024: Deadline for registration with banquet
  4. 15 January 2024: Program announcement
  5. 31 January 2024: Deadline for registration for onsite participation
  6. 09 February 2024: Deadline for registration for online participation

Instruction for Participants

  • The workshop will be given in English.
  • No registration fee is needed.
  • The workshop will consist of invited seminars and a half-day contributed talk session. The contributed talk session will be held on 21 February 2024. Depending on the number of application, your contribution may be assigned into a poster session.
  • The workshop will be broadcasted via the Zoom conference system. However, the online broadcast is given as the best effort and onsite participation is strongly recommended.
  • Those who will give a talk are supposed to attend in person.
  • We plan to have banquet on the evening of 21 February 2024.
  • We do not provide any accomodation. Participants are supposed to manage their accomodation by themselves.
  • We do not support any document for a visa application.
  • We have announced detailed information on the participation. If you have not received such emails from the organizers, please contact the organizers.

Invited Seminars

  • Yukimi Goto (Kyushu University/RIKEN iTHEMS)
    Mathematical aspect of DFT
  • Kouichi Hagino (Kyoto Univesity)
    Orbital-free DFT in nuclear physics
  • Hitoshi Nakada (Chiba University)
    Minimal composition of Kohn-Sham theory
  • Taisuke Ozaki (Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo)
    Absolute binding energies of electrons in condensed matters
  • Terumasa Tadano (National Institute for Material Science)
    Anharmonic phonon theory in condensed matter physics
  • Takeru Yokota (RIKEN iTHEMS)
    Approach to classical liquids based on functional renormalization group

Previous Workshop


  • Ryosuke Akashi (National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology)
  • Tomoya Naito (RIKEN iTHEMS/The University of Tokyo: Contact person)
  • Kenichi Yoshida (Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University)