Please use these SAMURAI logos for your presentations, posters, business cards, and so on. Please do not make any change of the design.

Logos are designed by Miyauchi, RIKEN.

Logo set (contains logo 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Logo 1


JPG: SAMURAI-logo-1.jpg


PNG: SAMURAI-logo-1.png


PDF: fileSAMURAI-logo-1.pdf

Logo 2


JPG: SAMURAI-logo-2.jpg


PNG: SAMURAI-logo-2.png


PDF: fileSAMURAI-logo-2.pdf

Logo 3


JPG: SAMURAI-logo-3.jpg


PNG: SAMURAI-logo-3.png


PDF: fileSAMURAI-logo-3.pdf

Logo 4


JPG: SAMURAI-logo-4.jpg


PNG: SAMURAI-logo-4.png


PDF: fileSAMURAI-logo-4.pdf