December 2022

The 23nd NP-PAC will be soon scheduled on Dec. 5 - 7, and the deadline of the proposal submission is Oct. 11. Before the proposal submission, the SAMURAI collaboration board and core construction team members would like to grasp what kind of experiments are expected to be proposed as SAMURAI experiments by which group. The purpose is to provide suggestions to proponents to avoid conflicts of experiments being proposed and to promote improvements of the contents based on the knowledge obtained through the SAMURAI development and the experiments performed so far.

If you plan to propose an experiment using SAMURAI spectrometer to the next PAC, please send a brief description of the experiment (using the word format below) and replies to the questionnaire to ( "_AT_"="@" )

by noon Aug. 1 (Mon.), 2022 (JST).


With Best Regards
Takashi Nakamura
On behalf of the SAMURAI Board