Young Researchers

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This page presents the possibilities for young researchers, in particular foreign PhD candidates, to come to RIKEN in order to do research for the EURICA collaboration. In general, applications for research in Japan can be made at two organizations, RIKEN and the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

In the following the most important criteria for eligibility and tables containt the basic terms are summarized for foreign researchers. If you are interested in one of these programs, please send a mail to eurica [at]

Please consider that the application deadlines are usually set well before the research with the RIKEN and JSPS programs can commence.

The Short-term RIKEN PhD Candidate Program (IPA)

Within the Short-term Program for International Programm Associates (IPA) students enrolled in Ph.D. programs at universities or research institutions can come to RIKEN to carry out research. Students from universities or research institutions participating in the EURICA collaboration are eligible to participate in this program. Please contact us if you are interested in this program or want to send one of your students to stay at RIKEN for at least three months.

A general agreement or a strategic cooperation agreement between the student's institution and RIKEN or a research agreement between the student's institution and a RIKEN institute or center is NOT required for EURICA IPA candidates.

Details of the program for FY2011 can be found in this document: fileShort-term_IPA.pdf.

The terms of the program include amongst other things:

Period of StayThree months to less than one year
Living Allowance5,200 yen per day
Housing AllowanceOn-campus at no charge or 70,000 yen off-campus
Round-trip transportationCovered by the student's university or research institution
Travel insuranceCovered by the student's university or research institution

Documents to be submitted

  1. At time of application
    1. Short-term IPA application form fileApplication_st_IPA.2012.11.1.doc
      1. Example: file5 St_IPA_apform_example_Eng.pdf
        Lab at RIKEN: Radioactive Isotope Physics Lab
        Lab head at RIKEN: Hiroyoshi Sakurai
    2. Student's curriculum vitae file6 St_IPA_CV_template.doc
    3. Certified academic transcripts for the student's bachelor's and master's courses
    4. Letter of recommendation from the student's supervisor or advisor
    5. Certification of English ability (not for native speakers)
      1. Such as TOEFL or TOEIC scores OR
      2. English proficiency certificate from the university/institute OR
      3. Letter of recommendation includes comments of English ability
    6. Request to Host Short-term IPA fileukeirenegai_st_IPA_2012.11.21.doc
      (by Host Researcher at RIKEN) and items listed in request including:
    7. Photo (40 mm x 30 mm)
    8. Graduation certificates for undergraduate's and master's programs
      (or certificate of matriculation in master's program (in English)
    9. Certificate of matriculation in doctor's program (in English)
    10. Photocopy of passport
    11. Photocopy of accident insurance certificate
    12. Research Proposal fileResearchProposal_st_IPA_2012.10.31.doc
    13. Agreement fileagreement_st_IPA2010.10.28.doc
    14. Application for Certificate of Eligibility fileQuestionaire.doc.tgz

There are no deadlines for IPA applications within the EURICA project. Please submit the documents by postal mail and e-mail to:

Dr. Shunji Nishimura
RIKEN Radioactive Isotope Physics Lab
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198

E-mail: eurica [at]

The Short-term JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

This program provides opportunities for young pre- and postdoctoral researchers from Europe*1, the U.S. or Canada to come to Japan in order to conduct research under the guidance of a research host. In order for PhD candidates to be eligible for this program, they must be currently enrolled in a doctoral course at a university outside Japan and scheduled to receive their Ph.D. within two years.

The applications for this program are submitted by the research host.

Details of the program can be found on this website

The terms of the program include amongst other things:

Period of StayOne month to one year
Settling-in Allowance200,000 yen (only for Fellows with 4 or more months of tenure)
Maintenance Allowance (PhD holder)362,000 yen per month
Maintenance Allowance (non-PhD holder)200,000 yen per month
Housing Allowance--
Round-trip transportationCovered by JSPS
Travel insuranceCovered by JSPS

Important Dates for the JSPS Short-Term Fellowship

For Fellowship commencement in fiscal year 2012 (1. April 2012 - 31 March 2013):

RecruitmentA: Notification to RIKENB: Application Host ResearcherC: Application Head of Host InstituteFellowship Start Period
1st 22 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2011 3-7 Oct 2011Apr 2012 through Mar 2013
2nd 10 Nov 2011 17 Nov 2011 21-25 Nov 2011 Apr 2012 through Mar 2013
3rd20 Jan 2012 27 Jan 2012 30 Jan-3 Feb 2012Jun 2012 through Mar 2013
4th 23 Mar 2012 30 Mar 2012 2-6 Apr 2012Aug 2012 through Mar 2013
5th 20 Apr 2012 25 Apr 2012 7-11 May 2012Sep 2012 through Mar 2013
6th 20 Jul 2012 27 Jul 2012 30Jul-3 Aug 2012Dec 2012 through Mar 2013
1th 05 Oct 2012 12 Oct 2012 -- Apr 2013 through Mar 2014
4th01 Apr 2013 05 Apr 2013 -- Aug 2013 through Mar 2014
5th02 May 2013 10 May 2013 -- Sep 2013 through Mar 2014
6th20 Jul 201302 Aug 2013--Dec 2013 through Mar 2014

The first dead-line (A) is the date on which the Host Researcher has to inform RIKEN about the intention of hosting a JSPS fellow. The second dead-line (B) is the date on which the Host Researcher has to submit all application documents to RIKEN. The third dead-line (C) is the date on which the Host Research Institute (RIKEN in this case) submits the applications to JSPS.

For the first dead-line (A), the following items need to be submitted to RIKEN:

  1. From Student
    1. Name
    2. Nationality
    3. Date of Birth
    4. Gender
    5. Home Institute
      1. Address
      2. Telephone Number
      3. Fax Number
    6. Research Topic
    7. Intended Period of Stay
  2. From Supervisor
    1. Recommendation/Reference
    2. Name

Guidelines for RIKEN Host Researchers can be found in the document fileH24oubeitanki_J2.pdf (in Japanese).

Standard Term Programs For Foreign Post-Docs

Please visit the websites below:


Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher


Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing (I-house) may be available, depending on the vacancy. If you're interested, we will try to reserve a room for you

*1 eligible European countries are France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Finland, the other European Union Countries (as of 1 April 2011), Switzerland, Norway and Russia