J-PARC E16 experiment

Measurements of spectral change of vector mesons in nuclei

In order to explore the chiral symmetry in nuclear matter, we measure the mass modification of vector mesons in nuclei systematically. We construct a large acceptance di-electron spectrometer at the high-momentum beam line in the J-PARC hadron facility.

Current status(2020/Jul.)

Commissioning run (Run0, 320 hours) is approved by PAC in 2017, and the first-half of that (Run0a) was performed in 2020/June successfully, at the completion of high-momentum beam line in J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility. The latter-half of approved beamtime of commissioning run (Run0b) is planned in Jan. 2021.

Publications and presentations

Proposal pdf(2006/6)

Run0(Commissioning Run) Proposal pdf(2017/6)

Schematic view of the proposed spectrometer

Spectromter magnet at the J-PARC hadron facility(2015).

Spectrometer, from the upstream (2020).

Proposed spectromter Photo of the spectromter magnet
(2015/Oct, after reassemble) Photo of the spectromter 2020

Prototype of GEM chambers

production type of GEM chambers

Assembled single module of GEM Traker

Prototype of a hadron blind Cherenkov detector

1st production type of HBD

A HBD gas vessel (for two modules) to be installed

preamp for GEM Tracker using APV25

prototype FEM for the lead-glass EMcal

Trigger-signal merging module[taken from IEEE TNS 66(2019)2022]

24ch-ASD for the trigger signal from GTR

9ch-ASD for the trigger signal from HBD (with two CERN APV hyblid preamp card )

アウトリーチ活動(OUTREACH, in Japanese)

Collaboration (2021/Jan.)

S. Yokkaichi*, H. En'yo, K. Kanno, W. Nakai, F. Sakuma, T. N. Takahashi (RIKEN Nishina Center)
K. Aoki, R. Honda, Y. Komatsu, Y. Morino, R. Muto, K. Ozawa, S. Sawada, H. Sugimura (KEK)
H. Murakami, T. N. Murakami (University of Tokyo)
D. Arimizu, S. Ashikaga, M. Ichikawa, S. Nakasuga, M. Naruki, N. Ogata, K. N. Suzuki, Y. Takaura (Kyoto University)
H. Noumi, K. Shirotori(RCNP, Osaka Univ.)
H. Hamagaki (NiAS)
T. K. Kondo, K. Shigaki (Hiroshima University)
A. Kiyomichi (JASRI)
T. Sakaguchi (BNL)
H. Sako, S. Sato (JAEA)
S. Asamizu, T. Chujo, S. Esumi, N. Ito, Y. Sudo, Y. Tsukui, S. Kyan (University of Tsukuba)
S. Kajikawa (Tohoku University)
W.-C. Chang, C.-H Lin, C.-S. Lin(Academia Sinica)

* : Spokesperson
This project is supported by RIKEN, KEK,
and Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, Grant number: .


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