RIBF核物理セミナー --- RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar
RIBF核物理セミナー係 本林透(担当主任)、吉見彰洋(事務係)、 大津秀暁、小濱洋央、関口仁子、 西村俊二、山上雅之
RIBF で展開される原子核研究分野に焦点を絞った セミナーです。国内外で行なわれている不安定核物理の 実験研究や理論研究のみならず、不安定核研究との 何らかの関連を念頭に置いた安定核研究も対象とします。 活発な議論を喚起するため、複数の講演者によるワークショップ的な セミナーも予定しています。これらの企画は、核物理セミナー 企画担当者が行います。新しい提案、企画などは大いに歓迎 いたしますので、下記企画担当者にご連絡下さい。 また今まで通り、来日/来所された研究者によるセミナーの 開催にも対応しますので、セミナー委員までご相談下さい。

RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar
Place: RIBF Building Conference Hall
Contact: RIBF Nuclar Physics Seminar Organizer

In view of the RI Beam Factory, commissioning of which is approaching, the nuclear-physics group of RIKEN starts the "RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar". This is a successor of the "Nuclear Physics Seminar", but is more oriented to RIBF. It would be complementary to the "Monthly Colloquium" with more comprehensive coverage of topics.

The contents will include also researches related to the study of unstable nucleus in various aspects, as well as on-going experimental and theoretical studies on unstable nuclei. For example, discussions on ideas and methods developed in studying stable nuclei should be quite useful.

The organizers of the seminar (T. Motobayashi - head, N. Aoi, H. Ueno and A. Kohama, at present) make planning for invited seminars to be held approximately once in a month. Proposal of seminars, by visitors etc, is also welcome. Please consult with the organizers. The form of the seminar is flexible. A workshop-type meeting with a few talks is an example.

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