List of Publications

  1. Masaru Hongo, Suro Kim, Toshifumi Noumi, Atsuhisa Ota
    "Effective field theory of time-translational symmetry breaking in nonequilibrium open system"
    [arXiv:1805.06240 [hep-th]]

  2. Masaru Hongo, Noriyuki Sogabe, Naoki Yamamoto
    "Does the chiral magnetic effect affect the dynamic critical phenomena in QCD?"

  3. Masaru Hongo
    "Nonrelativistic hydrodynamics from quantum field theory:
          (I) Normal fluid composed of spinless Schrödinger fields"


  4. Masaru Hongo
    "Path-integral formula for local thermal equilibrium"
    Annals of Physics, 383, 1 (2017) , [arXiv:1611.07074[hep-th]]

  5. Tomoya Hayata, Yoshimasa Hidaka, Masaru Hongo, Toshifumi Noumi
    "Relativistic hydrodynamics from quantum field theory on the basis of the generalized Gibbs ensemble method"
    Phys. Rev. D 92, 065008 (2015), [arXiv:1503.04535[hep-ph]]

  6. Masaru Hongo, Yuji Hirono, Tetsufumi Hirano
    "Anomalous-hydrodynamic analysis of charge-dependent elliptic flow in heavy-ion collisions"
    Phys. Lett. B, 775, 266 (2017), [arXiv:1309.2823[nucl-th]]

  7. Yuji Hirono, Masaru Hongo, Tetsufumi Hirano
    "Estimation of electric conductivity of the quark gluon plasma via asymmetric heavy-ion collisions"
    Phys. Rev. C 90, 021903(R) (2014), [arXiv:1211.1114[nucl-th]]

Conference Proceedings
  1. Masaru Hongo, Yuji Hirano, Tetsufumi Hirano
    "Relativistic hydrodynamic model with chiral magnetic/separation effects"
    Soryushiron Kenkyu, 17 (2014) (in Japanese)
    Thermal Quantum Field Theory and Their Applications 2013

Other Publications
  1. Masaru Hongo
    "Relation between macroscopic flow and microscopic quantum-Understanding flow in terms of curved space geometry"
    academist Journal (in Japanese) , 31st, July 2017

  2. Yoshimasa Hidaka, Masaru Hongo
    "Connection between quantum field theory and hydrodynamics"
    Suurikagaku (Mathematical Sciences) (in Japanese), No. 649, 2017

  1. Masaru Hongo
    "Quantum field theoretical approach to relativistic hydrodynamics from local Gibbs ensemble"
    Ph.D Thesis [pdf] , 16th Dec. 2015

  2. Masaru Hongo
    "Relativistic Hydrodynamic Model with Chiral Magnetic Effect"
    Master Thesis, 7th Jan. 2013