Transparencies and Preprints available online

Title Conference Place or Article Title
KEK 評議会資料 KEK IPNS Review Committee, June 2002, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan NA doc NA
KEK レポート 2002 資料 KEK report 2002 NA pdf
Experiment at RHIC, the First Spin Collider  RBRC/CCAST Symposium on Spin Physics, Lattice QCD adn RHIC Physics, April 7, 2003, at CCAST, Beijing, China ppt NA NA
名古屋大学特別講義 Nagoya University, Feburuary 26-28, 2003, Nagoya, Japan NA NA NA
立教大学特別講義 Rikkyo University, December 17-19, Ikebukuro, Japan NA NA NA
世界初の偏極衝突型加速器の誕生 Parity Vol. 17, No.11, 49p-53p Nov, 2002 NA NA L
Nuclear media effects on production and decay of vector meson studied in 12 GeV p+A interaction YITP-RCNP Workshop, Chiral Restoration in Nuclear Medium, October 7-9, 2002 ppt pdf 
Physics with Spin Collider PaNic02, 30-Sep to 03-Oct, 2002, Osaka,Japan ppt pdf
- Brookhaven is not a heaven ? -
文部科学時報2002年7月号 NA doc L
ひねり技で探る極微の世界 理化学研究所一般公開講演, April 20, 2002, Wako, Japan ppt NA NA
RHICが拓く新天地:クォークとグルーオンが紡ぎだす未知の世界 Parity Vol. 17, No.1, Jan, 2002 NA doc
- PS-E325実験奮戦記 -
High Energy News, Vol.20, Number 5, Jan/Feb/March, 2002 NA doc
Measurements of in-medium decay of vector mesons at KEK-PS Hawaii 2001, First Joint Meeting of the Nuclear Physics of APS and JPS, October 17-20, 2001, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii ppt NA NA
The 4th Italy-Japan Symposium on Heavy Ion Physics, 26-30, September 2001, RIKEN, ppt pdf,
ベクトル中間子で探る強い相互作用のもたらす質量の謎 - 失われた対称性を追って - Seminar at Tokyo Institute of Technology, 31st May 2001 ppt NA NA
Title Conference Place or Article Title slides pre
Measurements of in-medium decay of vector meson Symposium talk given at JPS meeting, March 2001, Tama ppt NA NA
原子核物理学の新世紀、RHIC、JHF、そして理研へ 2000年度、京都大学物理学第二教室教室発表会、March 2001 ppt doc Y
Polarized pA Physics at RHIC Talk at RHIC pA workshop, October 28-29, 2000, BNL ppt NA NA
Study of Chiral Property of Dense Nuclear Matter through Measurements of Meson Mass Modification in Medium Article submitted for the KEK-PS review committee, December, 2000 NA ps Y
Nuclear Matter Probed with Phi Meson - exploring the lost symmetry - Lecture at 10th RIKEN Winter School on Nuclear Physics with Electromagnetic Probes at RIKEN RI-Beam Factory - Unstable Nuclei and Hadrons -, Hotel Blanc, HigashiNaruse-mura, Akita, Japan January 9-14, 2000 ppt NA NA
The PHENIX experiment for the first spin collider RHIC Invited talk at the Circum-Pan-Pacific RIKEN Symposium on "High Energy Spin Physics" November 3-6, 1999, RIKEN, Wako, Japan ppt ps Y
Final Countdown to RHIC Spin Program RIKEN Accelerator Progress Report 1999 ps Y
Nuclear Production of Phi Meson at KEK Invited talk at the 2nd KEK-Tanashi International Symposium on "Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Electromagnetic Probes" (Oct. 25 - 27, 1999), KEK-Tanashi, Tokyo, Japan  ps ps Y
Phi production at KEK (Meson Modification in Nuclear Media & QCD Chiral Symmetry Restoration) Workshop on "Di-lepton Experiments at 50-GeV PS", Oct. 29-30, 1999, KEK, Tsukuba.  NA ps Y
Study of Chiral Property of Nuclear Matter through the Measurements of phi Meson Decays Invited talk at the KEK-Tanashi International Symposium on "Physics of Hadrons and Nuclei", 14-17 December 1998, Sanjo Conference Hall, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan  ps ps Y
Lepton pair production at JHF International Workshop on JHF Science (JHF98), March 4-7, 1998, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Tsukuba, Japan  ps ps Y
Experiment E325 (Measurements of $\phi$ Meson Decays in Nuclear Matter) KEK Annual Report (1997) NA ps Y