to Vietnamese students

Professor Hidehiko Tamaki

First announcement for the academic year 1997-1998

This is to announce that Professor Hidehiko Tamaki (born in 1909) - Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo - has decided to offer an annual award to the best graduated students in physics of the universities in Vietnam. The award by Prof. Tamaki, which hereafter will be referred to as the Tamaki's Award, has been established solely on the personal budget of Prof. H. Tamaki based on his goodwill to encourage the young talents in Vietnam to devote themselves to basic research in physics. For the academic year 1997 - 1998 the Tamaki's Award, will be offered to 10 best graduate students from 5 universities in Vietnam in the list below. The Tamaki's award amounts to 50,000 (fifty thousands) Japanese yens per student. The candidate to the Tamaki's award must satisfy the following criteria:

It is understood that the recipient of the Tamaki's Award is not supposed to pay any tax or contribution under any form to any third individual or organization inside or outside his (her) home country because of his (her) award.

For the academic year 1997-1998 each university from the five universities listed below is invited to recommend two candidates to the Tamaki's Award:

1. The Hanoi University of Natural Sciences;

2. The Hanoi Polytechnics University;

3. The University of Hue;

4. The University of Can Tho;

5. The University of Ho Chi Minh city.

The recommendation must include the following items:

1. An official letter from the university, certifying the criteria of its two candidates are matched.

2. A short biography with photo of each candidate including his (her) home address with telephone, fax numbers and e-mail, if available, so that a direct contact with the candidate can be accessible.

The recommendation should be sent to the contact person of the Tamaki's Award:

Prof. F. Sakata
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Ibaraki University Mito 310, Japan
Fax: 81-29-228-8408
E-mail: sakata@ms01.sci.ibaraki.ac.jp

After receiving the recommendation a screening procedure will be performed. Upon the approval of the award recipients, Prof. H. Tamaki will send his answer to the university of the award recipients and to the recipients themselves. The time and place of handing the Tamaki's Award will be determined in the second announcement.

The five universities in the list are kindly requested to inform this first announcement to all of their students in the beginning of the academic year 1997-1998.