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1. The exit (F130)

2. The piano lesson (F25)

3. The holy matrix (F30)

4. Departure (F25)

5. The birth of a new star (F12)

6. Memory (F8)


7. Solar eclipse (M100)

8. The winter ocean (F130)

9. Innocence (M100)

10. The invisible elephant (F12)  

11. Awakening of the past (F10)    

12. The Florentine dance (F12)   

13. The illusory ship (F12)                    


14. The threshold (F100)   

15. The god of Phu-Dong (F100)  

16. Clair de lune (F50)

17. The burning horses (F100)       

18. The echo of time (F100)

19. The firefly (F80)