Opening of "East and West in Me" - paintings by Nguyen Dinh Dang

26 October 2007, H.A.C. Gallery

with Michihiro Hatake removing restretching with Mari and two H A C  staffs Mari checks the aligment of paintings with Miki (left) and Mari (right)
It rains on the opening day (October 26, 2007) Entrance to the H A C  gallery on the opening day P1030592 Painter R  Fukuda came before the opening reception Around 70 guests attended the opening party despite the heavy rain
P1030533 Mari opens the party I give the opening speech while my wife (in ao zai), Benjamin Lee, and Mrs  R  Kato look on Mrs  R  Kato and my wife listen to my performance of P1030521
opening party (a) opening party (c) P1030578 with my wife Model & Artist

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