List of RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar from Apr. 2017

Date and Place
Title Indico

Apr.4th,(Tues.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(room201)

Prof.Minori Abe
(Assistant Prof. of Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Relativistic quantum chemistry and recent applications to physics and chemistry


Apr.11th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(room 201)

Dr.Nguyen Dinh Dang

Simultaneous Microscopic Description of Nuclear Level Density and Radiative Strength Function


Dr.Marco Rosenbusch
(RIKEN Nishina Center)

Online application of multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometry -- nuclear masses and beyond


May. 12th(Fri.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall

Dr.Paer-Anders Soederstroem
(TU Darmstadt)

Evolution of nuclear structure and collectivity in the rare-earth region

May. 16th(Tue.) 13:00~ at RIBF Hall(room 201)

Newcomers in RNC

Newcomers' Seminar


Jun.13th(Tue.) 15:00~ at RIBF Hall(room201)

Prof.Masaaki Kimura
(Hokkaido University, Theoretical nuclear physics laboratory)

Nuclear Clustering probed by Nuclear Responses


Jul.11th (Tue.) 13:30~  at RIBF Hall(room.201)

Prof.Kyo Tsukada
( Research Center For Electron Photon Science,Tohoku University´╝ë

 First result of the SCRIT electron scattering facility


Jul. 25th(Tue.) 13:00~ at Nishina Hall

Prof. Kazunari Yamada
(RIKEN Nishina center accelerator group)

"Construction of Superconducting LINAC at RIKEN Nishina Center"


Dec.19th, 2017(Tue.) 10:30~ at RIBF Hall

Dr.Yuki Kubota
(RIKEN Nishina Center)

"Probing neutron-neutron correlation in 11Li through the quasi-free (p,pn) reaction"


Jan.23rd(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall

Prof.Shigehiro Yasui
(School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Impurity physics of heavy flavor in quark matter at low temperature and high density — QCD Kondo effect —


Jan.30th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall

Dr. Tomoki Kimura

Transient brightening of Jupiter's aurora observed by the Hisaki satellite and Hubble Space Telescope during approach phase of the Juno spacecraft


Feb.20th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall

 Prof.Yasuhiro Togano
(Rikkyo university)

Interaction cross section of two-neutron halo nucleus 22C at 235 MeV/nucleon


Mar.6th(Tue.) 13:30~ at RIBF Hall

Dr.Sohtaro Kanda
(Advanced Meson Lab., Nishina Centre, RIKEN)

Precision microwave spectroscopy of the ground-state hyperfine splitting in muonium atom


=Date and Place=

Mar.20th(Tue.), 13:30~ at Nishina Hall

 Prof. Masayuki Matsuo
(Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Niigata University)

Di-neutron correlation, pairing collectivity and pair transfer in neutron-rich systems