List of RIBF Nuclear Physics Seminar from Apr. 2016

Date and Place
Title Indico
=Date and Place=Apr.19th, Tues 13:30~ at RIBF hall
Yosuke Kondo(Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology) Recent experimental studies for unbound oxygen isotopes Indico

May 10th, Tues 13:30~ at RIBF hall

He Wang

Spallation reaction study for long-lived fission products in nuclear waste:
Cross section measurement for 137Cs and 90Sr on proton and deuteron


May 24th, Tue 13:30~  at RIBF Hall

Newcomers of RNC

Newcomers' seminar

Jun.10th, Tue. 13:30~ at RIBF Hall

Dr.Clementine Santamaria

Extension of the N=40 Island of Inversion towards N=50 below 78Ni with MINOS at the RIBF


Jul.4th(Mon.), 15:00- at RIBF Hall(201)

Dr.Makoto Fujiwara
TRIUMF, Head of Particle Physics Department

Casting Light on Antimatter: Fundamental Physics with Trapped Antihydrogen


Jul.26th, Tues. 13:30~  at RIBF Hall 201

Dr.Yoritaka Iwata
(Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology / Department of Mathematics, Shibaura Institute of Technology)

Large scale shell model calculations for double beta decay of 48Ca


July 29th Friday, RIBF conference hall

Prof.  Nicolae Sandulescu
(National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest, Romania)

Proton-neutron pairing and quartet correlations in nuclei


Sep.1st(Thu.) 10:00~, RIBF Hall 201

Prof.Yong-Zhong Qian
(University of Minnesota (USA))

The r-process: status & challenges


Oct. 4th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(201)

Dr.Yuki Yokokura
(Interdisciplinary Theoretical Science Research Group Interdisciplinary Computational Sciences Team (iTHES-CS))

Thermodynamic entropy as a Noether invariant


Oct. 11th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(201)

Dr.Takashi Hachiya
(RIKEN BNL Research Center)

Measurement of single electrons from semileptonic charm and bottom hadron decays in Au + Au collisions at RHIC-PHENIX


Oct. 28th(Fri.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(201)

Dr.Yuji Goto
(RIKEN,Radiation Laboratory)

Precision measurement of the gluon polarization inside the proton

=Date and Time=Nov.25th(Fri.) 10:30~ RIBF Hall 201
Prof.Gianluca COLO(Universtiy of Milano, INFN) Microscopic particle-vibration coupling calculations with applications to single-particle, collective and charge-exchange nuclear transitions Indico
=Date and Place=Dec. 6th(Tues.) 13:30~ RIBF Hall(Room 201)
Dr.Shin Watanabe(RIKEN, Strangeness Nuclear Physics Laboratory) Reaction cross sections as a probe of deformation and shell structures Indico
=Date and Place=Dec. 8th, 10:30~ at RIBF Hall(room201)
Dr.Xiaofei Yang(Nuclear and Radiation Physics Section, Department of Physics and Astronomy, KU Leuven) Nuclear structure studies by the measurement of nuclear spins, moments and charge radii via laser spectroscopy techniques Indico

Dec.22nd(Thu), 10:30~ at RIBF Hall(201)

Prof.Costel Petrache
(CNRS, Universite de Paris-Saclay)

Transverse wobbling and new chiral modes in lanthanide nuclei


Jan.24th(Tue), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(room 201)

Dr.Takahiro Nishi
(RIKEN Nishina Center)

Precision spectroscopy of pionic atoms to study pion-nucleus interaction in medium


Feb. 7th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(room 201)

Dr.Takeshi Yamamoto

Study of charge symmetry breaking in A=4 hypernuclear system        via the gamma-ray spectroscopy experiment at J-PARC


Feb. 14th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(room 201)

Dr.Shinji Okada

High-resolution Exotic Atom x-ray spectroscopy with TES microcalorimeters


Mar.28th(Tue.), 13:30~ at RIBF Hall(room 201)

Prof.Atsushi Tamii
(Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University)

 np spin-correlation in the ground state studied by the sum-rules of the spin-M1 transition matrix elements and implications to the IS np pairing correlation


Mar.30th(Thu.), 13:30~ at Nishina Hall

Dr.Stefano Gandolfi
(Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Inhomogeneous neutron matter: what we can learn by trapping neutrons?