Program of the International Collaboration Workshop 2006 ICW2006

Riken- Wakoshi 6th to 9th November 2006

November 6th (Monday)
9:30-10:45  Session 1 --- Chairperson: W.Mittig (Ganil and Riken)
  9:30-9:40  Y. Yano ,Riken   Welcome address
  9:40-10:10 H. Sakurai, Riken   Overview of the RIBF facility
  10:10-10:30    A.Goto, Riken   Present Status of the Accelerator Construction and Commissioning
  10:30-10:45  T.Motobayashi, Riken   PAC scheme
     Coffee Break       
11:15-12:05  Session 2 --- Chairperson: C.Scheidenberger (GSI)
  11:15-11:45  T.Kubo, Riken


Search for New isotopes, Measurement of production cross-sections with primary and secondary beams at BigRIPS/ZeroDegree
  11:45-12:05 T. Ohnishi, Riken #3 Beam Line Detectors+DAQ
14:00-15:45 Session 3 --- Chairperson: Yanlin Ye (Peking University)
  14:00-14:25 J.Nolen, ANL #3 Production cross sections with fission-fragment beams
  14:25-14:45  M.Fukuda, Osaka Univ. #3 Total reaction cross-section measurement at RIBF
  14:45-15:05 K.Yoneda, Riken #3 In beam gamma spectroscopy of unstable nuclei: two-step fragmentation and knockout reaction
  15:05-15:25 K.Sekiguchi, Riken #8 Three Nucleon Force Study with Polarized Deuteron Beams
  15:25-15:45 K.Itahashi, Riken #8 Systematic Studies of Pionic Atoms
  15:45-16:05 M. Carpenter, ANL #6 Present status and future plan of Gammasphere
    VISIT of the RIBF     
    Free Discussions  
  18:00 -20:00 Buffet of ICW2006    
November 7th (Tuesday)
9:00-10:45  Session 4 --- Chairperson: M.Lewitowicz (Ganil)
  9:00-9:30 K.Morita, Riken #9 TBA (on SHE)
  9:30-9:50         A.Gillibert, SPhN Saclay #9 The S3 project at Ganil
  9:50-10:10  Y.Aritomo, JINR #9 Fusion Hindrance and Roles of Shell-effects in the Superheavy Mass Region
  10:10-10:30 E.Ideguchi, CNS #9 Study of high-spin states at RIBF
  10:30-10:45 Y. Watanabe. KEK


Study of isotope dependence of fusion process
     Coffee Break    
11:00-12:00  Session 5 --- Chairperson:  T.Motobayashi (Riken)
  11:00-11:20 W.Lynch, NSCL MSU #7 TBA 
  11:20-11:40 T.Murakami, Kyoto Univ. #7 TBA 
  11:40-12:00    Deqing Fang, SINAP #7 Nucleon Nucleon Correlations Function in Reactions Induced by Exotic Nuclei
12:00 departure for visit of Heirenji +Udon: W.Mittig (Ganil and Riken)  
14:45-16:35  Session 6 --- Chairperson: A.Korcheninnikov (Kurchatov Inst.)
  14:45-15:15 S. Shimoura, CNS #4 Physics programs at Sharaq
  15:15-15:35    H. Okamura, RCNP #4 TBA (on (d,2He))
  15:35-15:55 T. Teranishi, Kyushu Univ. #4 Search for T=Tz+1 levels in Neutron Rich Nuclei via (p,n) reactions and (p,p) resonant scattering
  15:55-16:15 W. Liu, CIAE #4 Probing r-process nuclei and search for shell quenching by using highly neutron-rich medium mass beam: A SHARP experiment
  16:15-16:35 J.Nolen, ANL #4 Comments on Transfer/CEX Experiments at RIBF and Collaboration
     Coffee + discussions     
November 8th (Wednesday)
9:00- 10:30 Session 7 --- Chairperson: H. Miyatake (KEK)
  9:00-9:30  S. Nishimura, RIKEN #1 TBA (on about decay spectroscopy)
  9:30-9:50 M. Lewitowicz, GANIL #1 Decay spectroscopy in the vicinity of 100Sn
  9:50-10:10 B. Blank, CEN Bordeaux-Gradignan #1 Two-proton radioactivity studies at the BigRIPS
  10:10-10:30  B. Rubio, IFIC-CSIC Valencia #1 DEcay SPECtroscopy (DESPEC) at the new FAIR-NUSTAR facility
    Coffee Break    
11:00- 12:05      Chairperson: B. Blank (CENBG)
  11:00-11:20  A. Odahara, Osaka Univ. #1 Isomer search at RIBF
  11:20-11:35  Y. Fujita, Osaka Univ. #1 Combined Analysis of Isospin Mirror Transitions for the Study of Proton-Rich Far Stability Nuclei
  11:35-12:05 M.Wada, RIKEN #1 Masses, charge radii, moments and decay studies at SLOWRI in first years
13:30-15:55  Session 8 --- Chairperson: H.Otsu (Riken)
  13:30-14:00 T. Kobayashi, Tohoku Univ. #5 (p,2p) Reactions Using Conventional Detectors at HIMAC and RIBF
  14:00-14:30 W.Mittig, Ganil and Riken, for R.Lemmon, Daresbury #5 (p,2p) Reaction at GSI and RIBF
     Coffee Break    
  14:45-15:15   T.Noro, Kyushu Univ. #5 Study of medium effects and single-particle properties by using (p,2p) reactions at RCNP, PNPI and RIBF
  15:15-15:35 G. TerAkopian, JINR Dubna #5 Knockout Reactions (a,2a) and (p,pa) with 6He and (p,2p) with 17Ne


T. Uesaka, CNS #5 Quasifree Knockout Reactions with Polarized Protons
    5min Break      
16:00-18:30   Session 9 --- Chairperson:  G.Savard (ANL)
  16:00-16:05 Ieki and N.A.Orr #10 Introduction
  16:05-16:35 T. Nakamura, Tokyo Inst. Tech. #10 Current and Future Plans for Fast Neutron Detection and Experiments
  16:35-16:55 N.A.Orr, LPC #10 Status of Break-up Experiments at Ganil and Possibilities for Future Experiments at the RIBF
  16:55-17:10 H.Scheit, RIKEN #10 Status of Break-up Experiments and Fast Neutron Detection at MSU
  17:10-17:25 Y.Penionzhkevich, JINR #10 3He beta-n detection array
  17:25-17:45 N.A.Orr, LPC #10 Present and Future of Beta-n experiments and detection at Ganil
  17:45-18:05 Y. Hirayama, KEK #10 beta-delayed neutron counters - comparison with TONNERRE, R&D, Li-glass and future detectors
  18:05-18:25  Y. Satou, Tokyo Inst. Tech. #10 (p,p') and (p,n) with neutron-rich beams
  18:25-18:40 A.Horvath, Eotvos Lorand Univ. #10

Neutron Detection for Charge-Exchange and Beta-n Experiments

November 9th (Thursday)
9:00-10:50 Session 10 --- Chairperson: J.Nolen
  9:00-9:20 T. Kobayashi, Tohoku Univ. #11 SAMURAI
  9:20-9:40     M. Wada, Riken #11 SLOWRI
  9:40-10:00    M. Wakasugi, Riken #11 SCRIT
  10:00-10:20 I. Arai, Tsukuba Univ. #11 Rare RI ring
  10:20-10:50    #11 Discussions on new instrumentations and detectors
    coffee break    
11:10-12:30 Session 11 --- Chairperson: M.Rousseau (IPHC, France)
  11:10-11:30  H.Sakaguchi, Miyazaki Univ. #2 Elastic Scattering with ESPRI at RIBF
  11:30-11:50 H.Otsu, Riken #2 Missing Mass Spectroscopy on Giant Resonances in Inverse Kinematics
  11:50-12:10   A. Gillibert, SPhN Saclay #2 Present status of MUST2 and future programs
  12:10-12:30 Z. Fulop, Atomki #2 (p, p') studies at RIPS and RIBF
14:00-15:30 Session 12 --- Chairperson: A.Odahara (Osaka Univ.)
  14:00-14:30   N. Aoi, Riken #6 In-beam spectroscopy with fast RI beams at RIBF and DALI-2
  14:30-14:50 S. Shimoura, CNS #6 In-beam spectroscopy at RIBF and GRAPE
  14:50-15:10   T. Glasmacher, NSCL MSU #6 GRETA/GRETINA projects
  15:10-15:30 T. Koike, Tohoku Univ #6 Hyperball2
15:30-16:00 Session 13 --- Discussion Leader: T. Glasmacher
  15:30-16:00      Final Discussion