RIBF International Collaboration Workshop on

Experiments at the RIBF

6th-9th November 2006


RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science

Wakoshi , Japan




A collaboration meeting on the first and near future experiments at the RIBF (Radioactive Ion Beam Factory), in final phase of construction, will be held from 6th to 9th November 2006 . It will take place at RIKEN, Wako, Japan. 



The aim of this workshop is the presentation and discussion of experimental projects for the RIBF facility that is expected to deliver the first beams in December 2006. This facility will deliver heavy ion beams at an energy of typically 350MeV/nucleon, with unprecedented intensity in this energy domain of 6.1012 particles/s after some time for the optimization of running of the accelerator. Primary beams available in the fixed frequency mode for the first one year of 2007 will be, for example, Ca, Kr, Xe and U at 350 MeV/u, with intensities are 100, 80, 1, 0.2 pnA, respectively. The other operation mode will provide higher intensities at somewhat lower energy for the heaviest beams. For more informations see http://rarfaxp.riken.go.jp/RIBF-TAC05/1_Overview.pdf. Technical information on the BigRIPS/ZeroDegree, which will be available in the first phase, can be found at http://rarfaxp.riken.go.jp/RIBF-TAC05/8_BigRIPS.pdf.


The meeting should serve for discussions between experimental physicists to identify common interests and establish collaborations between laboratories from Japan and abroad. It is part of the international collaboration programs that are being established between RIKEN and foreign partners. It is intended to be a preparation for the submission of experimental proposals for the first Program Advisory Committee meeting probably scheduled for January 2007, with a deadline in December, and for experimental programs on a longer term. It will be focused on experimental techniques to be used or developed for the experiments, thus being complementary to the International Workshop on "Nuclear Physics with RIBF", March 13-17, 2006, RIKEN.


As outlined above, the aim of this workshop is the discussion of experimental projects for the RIBF facility to be done in collaboration. The topics are therefore intended to be closely related to experimental techniques, leading to concrete proposals for next future. Participants are welcome to suggest other topics of their choice.


1)     Properties of Nuclei very far from stability

a.     Lifetime (recoil decay tagging)

b.    Decay (b, g, p, n, a)

c.    Moments

d.    Masses (decay, direct at high energy, direct at low energy)


2)     Matter distributions and collective modes

a.     Elastic and inelastic scattering (Si-arrays, recoil, active target)

b.    Giant resonances (Si arrays, active targets, neutrons)


3)     Fragmentation

a.     Yields, cross-sections

b.    Total reaction cross-sections

c.    g-spectroscopy of nucleon removal reactions

d.    Fragmentation of secondary beams


4)     Transfer reactions

a.     Charge exchange reactions (Si arrays, active targets, fragment detection)

b.    One and multi-particle transfer reactions


5)     Knock-out and (p,xnyp) reactions

a.    (p,2p) and spectroscopy of hole states (Si-array, scintillators)

b.    (p,2p) spectroscopy of new nuclei (Si-array, scintillators)


6)     g - detectors

a.     Scintillation detectors

b.    Semiconductor detectors (Ge...)

c.    Association with different reactions


7)     Isospin dependence of collision dynamics

A. Multi-detectors

B. Detectors for pions


8)     Programs with primary beams of light ions

a.     Polarized deuteron beams for three-body interactions

B.  (d,3He) reaction to form deeply-bound pionic atoms


9)     Fusion/fission reactions

A.    Reactions with primary beams

B.    Reactions with secondary beams

C.    Inflight fission


10)   Neutron detectors

a.     Decay spectroscopy

b.    Missing mass spectroscopy

c.    Transfer reactions

d.    Coincidence with heavy fragment


11)   Future technical developments

a.     Spectrometers (Sharaq, Samurai,...)

b.    Detectors

c.    Slowing down of fast beams

d.    Rare isotopes in storage rings...



Participation, Registration and deadlines

There is no registration fee. The subjects are to be treated informally, thus no proceedings will be published. Those needing documents for visa should make the inscription before 25th September, and requests of visa should be sent to ribf-icw06@ribf.riken.jp . Those wanting to make a contribution should fill in the inscription formulary before 2nd October and they are invited to contact the organisers of the different subjects (see list below). Deadline for inscription is 16th October. Lodging reservation is handled by the participants themselves, and we recommend to do it as soon as possible (see below).


The formulary for inscription to be sent to ribf-icw06@ribf.riken.jp is HERE.



The numbering of the organizers indicates the subject of the topic list above they agreed to coordinate. Please contact them for questions concerning the organisation of the corresponding session in the workshop.



N. Alamanos (SPhN, Saclay , France )2)


N. Aoi (RIKEN, Japan ) 6)


B. Blank (CENBG, Bordeaux , France )1)


M. Fukuda ( Osaka Univ. , Japan ) 3)


H. Geissel (GSI Darmstadt , Germany )3)


T. Glasmacher ( MSU , USA )3)


E. Ideguchi (CNS, Japan )9)


K. Ieki ( Rikkyo Univ. , Japan ) 10)


R. Janssens (ANL,USA)1,5)


T. Kobayashi ( Tohoku Univ. , Japan )5)


T. Kubo (RIKEN, Japan )3)


I.Y. Lee (LBL)6)


R. Lemmon ( Daresbury Laboratory , UK )5)


W. Lynch ( MSU , USA )7)


W. Mittig ( Ganil , France / RIKEN)


H. Miyatake (KEK, Japan ) 1)


K. Morita (RIKEN, Japan )9)


T. Motobayashi (RIKEN, Japan ) 8)


T. Murakami ( Kyoto Univ. , Japan )7)


J. Nolen ( ANL , USA )11)


T. Noro ( Kyushu Univ. , Japan )5)


N. Orr (LPC Caen , France )10)


H. Sakaguchi ( Miyazaki Univ. , Japan )2)


H. Sakurai (RIKEN, Japan ) 11)


G. Savard ( ANL , USA )1)


S. Shimoura (CNS, Japan )4)


M. Wada (RIKEN, Japan ) 1)


Y. Ye (PKU, China )





Workshop site  

The workshop will be held at RIKEN Nishina Hall.

Wireless LAN will be available in Nishina Hall.

The access maps are available in the web sites;

1. Access information on 1) from Narita airport to Wako, and 2) Wako station to RIKEN.


2. Location of the workshop site in RIKEN; Nishina Hall is the building numbered "32" in the following map.




Registration Desk and Information Desk  

Registration desk and information desk will be opened during the workshop period at RIKEN Nishina Hall.



Participants will stay at Toyoko Inn "Wakoshi Ekimae", a new hotel in Wako city. The website of this hotel is:


The participants are required to make the room reservation by themselves using the on-line reservation service or by fax, which can be found at the hotel website. The reservation should be made at your earliest convenience.

Other hotels along Tobu-tojyo-line are Daily hotels in Asaka-city, Niiza-city, Shiki-city;

http://www.dailyhotel.net (in Japanese only)