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This class is a abstract base class for decoding raw data.
TArtDecoder::Decode should be defined and implemented in each derived class.

Function members


  • TArtDecoder (int id)
  • TArtDecoder(const TArtDecoder&)
  • int fID


  • virtual ~TArtDecoder()
  • int GetID()
  • virtual int Decode(unsigned char* &buffer,const unsigned int &size, TArtRawSegmentObject *rawseg)
  • typedef struct mask_t
    • unsigned int bits;
    • unsigned int shift;
  • inline unsigned int GetMaskedData32 (unsigned int data, mask_t mask)

Function documents

  • TArtDecoder(int id)

Assign id to fID.

  • int GetID()

Return id.

  • inline unsigned int GetMaskedData32(unsigned int data, mask_t mask)

Mask data with value defined by mask.bits and shift masked value to right by number of bits given by value defined by mask.shift.

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