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Member function


unsigned short *fBlock
A buffer of a block, which will be allocated in the default constructor.
unsigned int fBlockLen
Block length.
unsigned int fPointer
Offset of the current position to the buffer.


  • virtual void Delete()
  • virtual ArtBlockStat_t GetNextBlock ( TArtDataSouce* source)
  • virtual ArtEventStat_t GetNextEvent ( unsigned shrot* buf, unsigned short* runbuf, unsigned short* rnum, int &nw)
  • virtual void FindSegment ( unsigned shrot *evtdata, int *evtsize, int *segid, int *adr, int *maxsegid)
  • virtual} &color(black){~TArtDataFormat()
  • &color(green){static const unsigned int} kMaxBkockLen


Function documents

  • void Delete()


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