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A3100VMEIWATSU A3100, Peak Hold ADC and List module
AD413ACAMACORTEC AD413A, Peak sensing ADC
CTM405CAMACPeak hold ADC
DSPVMETechnoAP APV8008, Digital signal processing module
L3377dCAMACLecroy 3377, 32ch. 10bit TDC
LUPOVMETime stamp module
P716XCAMACPhilips 7166, 16ch. charge ADC
P716XZCAMACPhilips 7166, 16ch. charge ADC with Zero suppression
V1190VMECAEN V1190, 128ch. Multihit TDC
V1290VMECAEN V1290, 32ch. Multihit TDC
V550VMECAEN V550, Flash ADC
V767VMECAEN V767, 128ch. Multihit TDC
V7XXVMECAEN V7XX (link to V785) series
Decoder Name
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