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VME Address by Jumper Pin

VME Address in JTEC XLM is automatically determined by the Geographical Address (GEO). Basically, this GEO (equal to the slot number) is only available with the V430 JAUX connector. The relationship between GEO and VME address is :

GEOVME Address
20x1000 0000
30x1800 0000
40x2000 0000
50x2800 0000

Some of XLM module doesn't have V430 JAUX connector. Instead of this, Jumper Pin is connected. Some cases, 3 x 6 pins are attached.


To give a desired VME address:


Use 2pin and 3pin jumpers (pins are electrically connected). And plug jumpers row-by-row. Always the center pin (column) is connected to GND. Depends on the address, left and right pins are connected to the center (GND) pin.

For example, to have 0x8000 0000, plug 3pin jumpers to 1st and 2nd row.

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