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GTO (General Trigger Operator)

FPGA Lecture


filefpgalecture1e.pdfFirst document for LUPO and GTO
filefpgalecture3e.pdfSimulation with internal delay


filefpgalecture1.pdfFirst document for LUPO and GTO
filegtointro1.pdfIntroduction to GTO and How to Skelton GTO

Skelton GTO

fileSkelGTO20150727.zipProject file of Skelton GTO
fileSkelGTO220210927.zipProject file of Skelton GTO2 (only for GTO2 hardware)
filecmdskelgto20210927.tar.gzCUI program for Skelton GTO / GTO2


New version of GTO.

  • I/O ports and software are compatible with GTO
  • FPGA : Spartan-6 XC6SLX9
  • dual configuration methods
    • JTAG via Xilinx USB platform cable (Front Panel)
    • standard USB cable from PC (Windows / Linux / Mac?) (Rear Panel)

firmware download

please refer fpgalecture1.pdf (page 29). GTO2 case, please choose xcf04s instead of xcf02s .

filegto2tool20210927.tar.gzfirmware download program via USB (manual is not ready)
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