Filling System

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Filling System Operation Manual

fileman ver.2 .docx

In case you receive an error message from and you are on shift, please investigate the problem immediately. Send a mail to the mailing list if you have solved the problem, reporting the cause of the error. If you cannot solve the problem, send a mail to this list asking for help.

You can see the status of the filling tank and control system from the F11 network camera on from inside RIKEN.

Please ask you colleague for username and password information.

Resetting the Tank Filling System after Power Outage

How to reset the tank filling system is described here: file2012_Reset_filling.pdf

Shift schedule


7/1 ~ 7/31PieterXu
8/1 ~ 8/31ZenaP-A
9/1 ~ 9/30DanielGiuseppe
10/1 ~ 10/31
11/1 ~ 11/30
12/1 ~ 12/31

Mailing list

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