Beam Time

Last-modified: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 21:04:12 HADT (3997d)

The present RIKEN Nishina Center beam time schedule can be seen here.

The following tables provide information on past and upcoming experiments.


Upcoming Experiments

Past Experiments

2012/03S. Nishimura & P. DoornenbalMS1618O2EURICA Commissioning
2012/04S. Nishimura & P. DoornenbalMS1718O2EURICA Commissioning
2012/06P. Boutachkov & R. Wadsworth & A. Blazhev & Z. LiuRIBF83124Xe7EURICA Experiment
2012/11S. NishimuraRIBF10238U7.5EURICA Experiment
2012/11G. Lorusso & H. WatanabeRIBF60&62238U7.5EURICA Experiment
2012/11G. Simpson & A. JungclausRIBF85238U5EURICA Experiment
2012/12G. Lorusso & H. WatanabeRIBF60&62238U3.7EURICA Experiment
2012/12M. NiikuraRIBF90238U5.5EURICA Experiment
2013/04A. Odahara&R. Lozeva & C.B. MoonRIBF87238U4.5EURICA Experiment
2013/05T. SumikamaRIBF26R1238U9.5EURICA Experiment
2013/05E. Ideguchi & G. SimpsonRIBF86238U5.5EURICA Experiment
2013/05G. BenzoniRIBF80238U5.66EURICA Experiment
2013/06M. Lewitowicz & R. Krucken & R. Gernhauser & S. NishimuraRIBF09238U12EURICA Experiment
2013/06G. LorussoRIBF97238U3EURICA Experiment

Clover Setup

Past Experiments

2009/12T. SumikamaNP0702-RIBF26238U3