Confirmation for entering RIKEN to conduct RIBF experiment

To prevent the spread of infection and subsequent facility shutdown during your RIBF experiment, your cooperation is required. Check the following matters related to health condition and the RIBF infection control guidelines, fill in the necessary items and press the send button to declare to the Safety Management Group Director of the Nishina Center.
RIBF実験中における感染と実験中止を防止するためにご協力お願いします。 下記の体調に関する事項およびRIBF感染対策ガイドラインを確認し、必要事項を記入し送信ボタンを押して 仁科加速器科学研究センター安全業務室長に申告してください。

Your health condition before visiting RIKEN for RIBF experiment:
RIBF実験のための訪問前 体調について

A. When visiting RIKEN from abroad, please comply with the followings.
  ①Measures such as quarantine set by the government for entry to Japan.
  ②Thorough confirmation with the RIKEN personnel in charge of the procedures for accepting visitors from abroad.

B. If you have been feeling unwell before visiting RIKEN, even if not certain whether COVID-19 related or not, (a mild fever generally 1°C or more above normal, cough, sore throat, general malaise, taste/smell abnormalities, diarrhea, etc.) you are allowed to enter RIKEN only if you meet both of the following conditions.

  ① It has been 8 or more days since the onset of the symptoms (with onset as Day 0).
  ② It has been 3 or more days since the symptoms disappeared without taking appropriate drugs to alleviate such symptoms, such as antipyretic (fever-reducing) drugs (counting the day when symptoms disappeared as Day0).
C. You are not allowed to enter RIKEN if you, your family members or roommates are suspected of being infected with COVID-19.

A, 海外から理研への訪問に際しては、以下の対応をお願いします。

B, 来所前に新型コロナウイルス感染症かは不明だが何らかの体調不良
(平熱より概ね1度以上の発熱、咳、咽頭痛、全身倦怠感、味覚・嗅覚異常、下痢等) があった場合、下記の両方の条件を満たした場合には理化学研究所に入構可能です。

C, 来所前に本人もしくは同居家族等に新型コロナウイルスの感染が疑われる方がいる場合は、入構をお控え下さい。

RIBF Guideline on COVID-19

RIBF guideline (English)

Please fill in the following items by letters of the alphabet, then declare by pressing the "send" button.
The entered personal information will not be used fo any other purpose.
Affiliation of
your univ., institute, and etc.(所属) *

Proposal Number / 実験課題番号
Proposal number can be obtained from the following website. If you have multiple proposal number, fill in all of them by separateing with commas.
Schedule of RIBF operation

I hearby declare to the Safety Management Group Director of RIBF as follows.
1, I will visit RIKEN only when I do not have any health issues.
2. I shall comply with the RIBF guideline on COVID-19.
3. If I am a resident of the EU, I agree to the EU's handling of personal information based on GDPR.
また、EUに居住している場合、 EUの定める個人情報の取扱について同意します。

(It is valid within the fiscal year. 年度内有効)