Memo for the 3rd preparation meeting, inauguration ceremony and the 1st board meeting of the Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA)

Date: July 17 (Friday) and 18 (Saturday), 2009

Location: Shao Yuan Hotel (Friday) and Ying Jie Conference Center, (Saturday), Pekin University


Shoji Nagamiya (J-PARC, Japan)

Tohru Motobayashi (RIKEN, Japan)

Takaharu Otsuka (CNS, U. Tokyo, Japan)

Hideyuki Sakai (U. Tokyo, Japan)

Seung-Woo Hong (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)

Woo Young Kim (Kyungbuk National Univ., Korea)

Weiping Liu (CIAE, China)

Hushan Xu (IMP, China) - representing Guoqing Xiao (IMP, China)

Yu-Gang Ma (SINAP, CAS, China)

Yanlin Ye (PKU, China)

Dao Tien Khoa (VAEC, Vietnam)


Dong-Pil Min (SNU, Korea)

<3rd ANPhA Preparation Meeting>

Chaired by Hideyuki Sakai

1. Summary of the 2nd meeting at Seoul(By Wooyoung Kim)

2. Approval of new preparation a board member of ANPhA from Vietnam

3. Discussion for candidates of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary

<Establishment of ANPhA and inauguration ceremony>

Chaired by Yanlin Ye

  1. Formal confirmation of board members from each country
  2. (China)

    Weiping Liu, Guoqing Xiao, Yugang Ma, Yanlin Ye


    Shoji Nagamiya, Tohru Motobayashi, Takaharu Otsuka, Hideyuki Sakai


    Dong-Phil Min, Seung-Woo Hong, Wooyoung Kim


    Dao Tien Khoa

  3. Declaration of establishment of the Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA)

  4. Approval of the Bylaws

  5. Formal Election of the Chair, Vice Chair

    Chair: Hideyuki Sakai, Vice Chair: Yanlin Ye, Dong-Phil Min

  6. Congratulation remarks from various sides of Japan, Korea, Vietnam and China.

  7. Photograph all together

  8. Cheers a Champagne

<1st ANPhA Board Meeting>

Chaired by Hideyuki Sakai (chair of ANPhA)

  1. Announcement of the ANPhA establishment to nuclear physics communities in Asian countries (or in world), how and when

    ANPhA Website

    WG9, IUPAP C12 by Sakai,

    AAPPS and NuPECC by Nagamiya, CERN Courier by Sakai,

    In each country:

    Japan: RIKEN Newsletter (RIBF Quarterly), J-PARC Newsletter, Japan Physical Society, nuclear physics community, JPS Bulletins

    Korea: DNP and KPS

    China: internal mailing-list

    Vietnam: internal mailing-list

    A short article (for Nuclear Physics International bu NuPECC) will be drafted by Sakai.

  2. Invitation of new member countries and regions

    1 member from Taiwan

    Nagamiya writes first informal way. Saki writes in formal way.

    2 Indian members from India:

    Nagamiya checks Indian side again.

    1 Australian member from Australia:

    Sakai checks.

    Others: in “voluntary basis”

    Possibility: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia,

    Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia?

  3. Preparation of document for existing research facilities and computing resources

    in member countries (subcommittee members, target date, procedure, contents, etc.)

    - facilities -

    Web page based “publication”, utilizing the WG9 brochure wi additional information.

    Discussion on design of the information list will be lead by

    Motobayashi + Liu, Kim (Thao)

    Which facilities should be included?

    Which items should be listed?

    from users points of view

    - computer resources -

    Otsuka will talk with Toki about the objectives.

  4. ANPhA support symposia,workshops, school for 2009-2010

    - symposia, workshops -

    Target conferences to be supported

    -Financial support could be(?) is expected from institutions -

    Possibility to include Asian sessions could be pursued.

    Scheduled conferences in Asia:

    Nuclear Data in 2010 (Korea), Asia Pacific Physics Conference in 2010

    The first ANPhA symposium is to be held at J-PARC in January

    2010 for 2+1 (Sat) days. It is on Asian nuclear physics facilities.

    Its organizers are all the ANPhA board members.

    - schools -

    Scheduled shools: Peking University 2009, CNS 2009, Vietnam 2010

    Possibility for ANPhA school(s) in 2010:

    CNS Summer School with ANPhA flavor

    The one planned in Vietnam

    Hong (Coordinator), Liu, a member from IMP, Nagamiya, Motobayshi will consider.

  5. Confirm (establish) the network connection for information transfer

    We found each country has its own way of distributing information.

    Primary information should be shared by the ANPhA board member.

  6. How to be involved in the 11th Asia Pacific Physics Conference 2010

    ANPhA is ready to organize nuclear physics session.

    Motobayashi will state that to APPC chair next week.

  7. Discussion on the long-range plan of ANPhA

    ANPhA always keeps it in mind.

  8. Determination of the Second ANPhA Meeting, when and where

    On the occasion of the planned ANPhA symposium at J-PARC in January 2010.

  9. ASEP (ASia Europe Physics Summit in Mar 2010)

    ANPhA is ready to work for its organization.

    Find a good example of collaboration between Europe and Asia

  10. Scientific Secretary

    Tohru Motobayashi (nominated by ANPhA Chair)