Memo of the second Nuclear Science Association meeting

Date: Feburary 21, Saturday 2009

Location: Dong Won Gwan, Seoul National University


Shoji Nagamiya (J-PARC, Japan)

Tohru Motobayashi (RIKEN, Japan)

Hiroshi Toki (RCNP, Japan)

Hideyuki Sakai (U. Tokyo, Japan)

Yu-Gang Ma (SINAP, CAS, China)

Dong-Pil Min (SNU, Korea)

Seung-Woo Hong (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)

Woo Young Kim (Kyungbuk National Univ., Korea)

1 Chairperson of the day: W. Kim

2 Welcome: D.P. Min

3 Summary of the 1st Tokyo ANPhA meeting

Presented the Japanese Preparation for the 2nd meeting H. Sakai

Presented the Chinese Preparation for the 2nd meeting Y.-G. Ma

Presented the Korean Preparation for the 2nd meeting W. Kim

4 Report and discussion on the draft of the Bylaws: S. Nagamiya

Adopted Bylaws attached.

5 Several important issues were discussed for example, on board, etc.,

and the contents are included in revised version of the Bylaws(Feb. 23, 2009 version)

6 Preparation for the 3rd Beijing meeting, which is aimed to be the 1st Board meeting.

7 Which countries / region would be further contacted and included?

Taiwan: Consideration for Taiwan was recommended and discussed.

Chinese representatives will present their opinion by March 31, 2009.

India: Contact person S. Nagamiya

Vietnam: Contact person T. Motobayashi

Australia: Contact person H. Sakai

8 Number of suggested representatives for each country

Japan: 4

China: 4

Korea: 3

India: 2

Vietnam: 1

Australia: 1

9 Name of this association was discussed and agreed upon as “Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA)”: same as previously decided in the 1st Tokyo meeting.

10 Agreed to have an ANPhA office at RIKEN with an understanding that it can move to some other country in the future.

Home page will be prepared by RIKEN so that ANPhA documents, exchange & collaboration programs, information on seminars & symposiums, and job announcements can be posted.

11 Extend the present Japan-Korea Physical Society meeting further to China-Korea and China-Japan Physical Society meeting.

12 Including a theoretician for Chinese representative was suggested and discussed, but no decision was made...

13 Next meeting will be in Beijing, 11(Saturday) or 18(Saturday) of July 2009.

14 List of what to do till the next Beijing ANPhA meeting


March 31, 2009: Fix the 3rd meeting date : July 11 or July 18, 2009

Matter of including Taiwan for the 3rd Beijing meeting

Decide whom to contact for India, Vietnam, and Australia

Make common invitation letter (email) template: H. Sakai

Finalize the Bylaws

April 30, 2009: Contact India, Vietnam, and Australia for joining ANPhA

Ask them to accept our ANPhA Bylaws

May 31, 2009: Receive replies from India, Vietnam, and Australia.